Things To Remember While Growing Vegetables In A Small Space

Growing vegetables in a small space can be a challenge. But if you are passionate about doing so and if you know a few tricks, then this can become an enriching exercise. We will list down some points to help make your task easier.


Proper sunshine of up to eight hours of direct sunlight is essential. This can be hard to achieve if you live in an apartment. Tall buildings often block the sun during the day. So the best chance to get adequate sunlight for your veggies is through Balconies or rooftops. They are the best way to ensure that condos and vegetables (ผัก คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) become a reality.


A regular supply of water is essential for vegetables to grow properly. This is true especially if you are growing them in earthen pots. So make sure that your plants are watered regularly without fail. Without water, vegetables will not be able to achieve optimal growth. And that would be a dampener for all your efforts.


Vegetables need to have favorable soil to fulfill their nutritional requirements. They also need it for water and air. Using ordinary garden soil is a bad idea. Instead, you should hire a helper initially to help you find the right kind of soil for your vegetables. Go for the kind of soil that is light and allows for the circulation of air and water. This will also allow you to keep the roots healthy.


The area near high rise condos can get quite windy. If so then you will need to protect your vegetables from getting destroyed. Wind can cause a lot of damage to leaves as well as pots that are heavier at the top. A Wind block like a screen/railing is a good idea.


The combination of condos and vegetables works well if the pots that they are grown in have adequate weight. Make sure that the containers are filled with soil in an adequate amount. Also, ensure that the weight of those pots triples once you pour water in them. You have to be careful about the weight restrictions in your society though, especially if yours is a rooftop or a balcony garden.


Growing vegetables can become not just a hobby but also a passion if done the right way. It can not only connect you to the world of plants but also get you the flavor of homegrown food. All you need to do is to follow the above rules carefully and you are golden.