The Way from Yogyakarta to Borobudur You Must Take

You have likely been on the lookout to visit Yogyakarta if you’re currently reading this guide. Yogyakarta, or Jogjakarta, is one of the regions in Indonesia. Vacationers come from both domestic and international tourists. Not only is this city full of cultural and historic landmarks, but it is also full of hospitality and warmth.

Yes, the combo of sites, culture, people, and the food are second to none. People who go to Yogyakarta have loads of things to do. Among the attractions is the Buddhist temple complex at Magelang, named Borobudur.

Even though the temple isn’t found in Yogyakarta, tourists usually have a day excursion to the temple before leaving the town to go back home. Suppose you are a first-time traveller to Yogyakarta and interested in visiting Borobudur temple. In that case, you are in the right spot. Keep reading to learn the many ways you may get to Borobudur Temple from the town.

Trip to Borobudur, from Yogyakarta

Exploring Yogyakarta is fun, but it will not enough with just a day visit. With Yogyakarta is located near the Magelang Regency, visitors typically thought it would only be a short trip to Borobudur. They wind up using a cab service to get there. This will cost you over 300,000 Rupiahs for the taxi fare. It is incredibly expensive, even though it is convenient. However, with the absence of transport, is there any other option?

This time we’ll describe how to visit Borobudur by bus from Jogja.

Buses from Jombor along with Terminal Giwangan

The journey from Jogja to Borobudur Temple is a famous tourist route. So it’s not hard to discover. It is possible to take a bus out of Terminal Jombor to visit Borobudur temple in Jogja. Besides that, you can also take the bus out of the Giwangan terminal, a Jombor subterminal.

The buses usually have a modest size within this route. This bus path will go through a series of terminals. The route is Giwangan-Jombor-Mlati-Muntilan-Borobudur. Passengers will be able to board the bus from Terminal Giwangan into Terminal Jombor. To Borobudur, the bus will proceed from Terminal Jombor. Passengers are generally taken by buses. The Majority of the passengers are natives of Jogja, Muntilan, or even Borobudur. They’re merchants, students, and workers.

Neighborhood passengers are friendly to talk with if you prefer to make friends. But please be mindful of your luggage when riding this bus. There’s always a chance of a pickpocket activity in the crowded bus.

The bus will stop at several terminals, such as Terminal Muntilan. Some singers will come to the bus, and you can listen to them while waiting for passengers. But usually, they will request for a spare change in return. The bus stops in the terminal at around 15 minutes. Occasionally approximately 30 minutes in the case of the bus comes with only several passengers.

The bus to Borobudur does not have any air conditioning and is modest. The space between seats is short for the people’s dimensions. Tourists have been advised to take a seat down in the front, which has legroom.

The journey from Terminal Jombor to Borobudur usually takes approximately 1- 2 hours. Bus fare is approximately 20.000-75.000 rupiah. The ticket for tourists is costlier. From Terminal Borobudur to Borobudur temple, it’s possible to walk or ride bike taxis (Ojek). Ojek roughly 5.000 rupiahs.

The most recent ticket cost (2017) for entering Borobudur Temple is currently 40.000 rupiah for national tourists and 25 US dollars for overseas tourists.

The Ideal time to Visit Borobudur

Borobudur is beautiful in the daytime. Why? Because during this time, the temple is illuminated by the sun so we can view more about the beauty of this temple. The angle of beams coming from the sun falls on this temple’s architecture right on its center. We can find the green panorama slopes accompanying the Borobudur landscape.

Borobudur view from Punthuk Setumbu

There are photographs online that reveal the Borobudur temple between the trees and the mist, giving a mysterious vibe. Due to this, many tourists are excited and curious to observe Borobudur’s attractiveness in person.

Sunrise and Borobudur panorama could be seen in Punthuk Setumbu hill. The distance from Borobudur is approximately 5 kilometers. Excursion travel packages offer sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu hill, followed closely by seeing Borobudur. The easiest way is to get the combined bundle package if you would like to experience both places. If you would like to come afterward, rent a bike or bicycle taxi.

There’s an alternate decision to attend sunrise. You can visit the Punthuk Setumbu on your own. But remember to come early to receive a parking spot. Because typically, traffic was crowded by the mountain. Bring your camera to immortalize Borobudur’s alluring sight in the morning, that is wonderful. People may stay at the homestay across the Punthuk Setumbu mountain biking to not miss this moment of dawn.

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