The shapewears to wear below jeans

If your favorite jeans have stopped fitting you, then there is a way you can get rid of this issue. If the zip keeps coming down or the waist band has tightened a lot, then you can simply use shapewear to overcome this problem and wear your favorite jeans for as long as you want. Shapewear and jeans go well. The jeans fit comfortable and you can look super slim under your jeans. Shapewear smooths the bulges and makes you look amazing.

Some of the factors to consider when buying shapewear to wear under jeans are:

  • Will you show your body part? If you waist a jeans with a top that reveals your tummy and waist, then you should go for low waist shapewear. Shapewear revealed will not look good. 
  • How tight the jeans are on your legs? If they are skinny and tight, then you should pick a shapewear which tapers off against your thighs. 
  • Are you looking for a nice butt? Well, who doesn’t want! There are some shapewear that flatter your butt. It doesn’t matter you wear under skirts or dress or jeans. Go for butt lifter thigh trimmer to shape and slim your bottom.
  • Do you need tummy controlling? Well for those mummies who have had kids and now need tummy control because they can’t wear jeans they can go for tummy control. It will not just flatten their belly and smooth the bulges but also make you look slimmer.
  • Is your waistband really very tight? Well, if you develop muffin top, then you need high waist shaping shorts. It will cover your waist and tummy and smooth everything under your bra. 
  • Closed or open gusset? High waist shapewear have an opening gusset and low waist shapewear come with closed gusset. However, it isn’t much of a problem when wearing it with jeans.
  • Do you want your shapewear to be seamless? Well, if doesn’t really matter if your shapewear has seams or not when thinking of wearing it with jeans. The seams shapewear will have seams in a same place to jeans like inner thighs.

Best picks for shapewear under jeans

Shapewear shorts: They offer firm slimming control and a grip and fall flat against your thighs. They are seamless and offer amazing tummy control and give your butt a great shape.

Butt lifter shorts: They offer additional compression in slimming. They are low waist and don’t show through your jeans. They offer brilliant tummy control and an amazing butt shape. They also slim down your thighs and make you look amazing in jeans.

Shaping briefs: They are seamless and offer firm slimming control. They are perfect to be worn under jeans. Simple to wear, they offer amazing slimming effect.

Apart from that if you need some good tummy and waist slimming, you can pick best waist trainer and wear them under your top to get the best look with your jeans. All you need to do is pick the right shapewear to get the look you desire!