September 26, 2023

While it is true that many businesses are implementing digital signing solutions into their operations, some are still sceptical about it. Since being wary is part of human nature, it is not surprising that not everyone will agree with this new technology for document signing.

If you feel the same way you first heard about digital signing, let this article open your eyes and convince you that it is not that bad to embrace innovation. It will significantly improve your document management.

The Pros

·       Easy To Use

Digital signing is no different from traditional pen and paper. In this method, you will only use a digital pen that transmits your signature on the digital pad into the computer or pin the document itself.

·       Speed Up The Business’s Operation

Unlike traditional document signing, digital signing solutions are not limited to one place. Anyone, even those from another side of the world, can sign the documents through digital means.

·       Improve Document Accuracy

No one is perfect, but a single mistake can cause problems such as delays for businesses.

Digital signing solutions offer mandatory fields to document owners to guarantee that all necessary pages have been signed. The signer cannot save the documents without signing all the fields that need their signature.

The Cons

·       Must Be Tech-Savvy

Since digital signing is new, the signer must be tech-savvy. Otherwise, they will have a hard time comprehending how digital signing solutions work.

·       Technical Infrastructure Required

Another drawback of digital signing is that no one can use it without the internet and devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

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