The Proper Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

Every year, private companies report a whopping 2.8 workplace illnesses or injuries that have occurred. While this is a shocking statistic, 2.8 million reports only account for nonfatal injuries in the workplace.

This means if you haven’t experienced a  workplace injury, there is a good chance you might at some time during your working years.

Whether you were recently hurt at work or just want to prepare for the worst, knowing what to do is essential. After an injury, you are scared and in pain, and can make decisions that negatively impact your case. Fortunately, by knowing what to do, you can take the right steps to make sure you heal and get the compensation you deserve.

From asking for help to consulting with a worker’s comp attorney, these are the steps to take after an injury.

Ask for Help

The first step you need to take after a workplace injury is to ask for help. Your employer should have a designated first aid employee or other staff who can offer help for your injury. This is an essential step to take, especially if you are considering a workplace injury lawsuit.

Report the Injury

The next step is to report your injury. You have to report what happened and your employer has to take the situation seriously. Report your injury to your direct supervisor, manager, or HR representative.

Seek Medical Attention

After reporting your injury, your HR representative should refer you to a medical professional. Even if this doesn’t happen, you should seek medical attention immediately. Aim for visiting your doctor or an urgent care facility the same day.

Begin the Documentation Process

If you are planning on a workplace injury lawsuit settlement, you need records of everything that happened. For this reason, it’s important to start documenting the incident. Start with the injury and document a brief description of what happened, including times, dates, names of people you spoke with, and any other details you can think of.

Get Legal Help

After experiencing a workplace injury, it’s important to contact a workers comp lawyer. The worker’s comp process is confusing for the average employee so having a professional on your side is key. Consult with a lawyer as soon as possible, especially before filing your claim.

File a Claim

After you have spoken to a lawyer, you need to file a workplace injury report. Your lawyer will help you with this process, as will your HR representative. After filing your claim, you can consult with your lawyer about how you move forward with your case.

This Is What to Do After a Workplace Injury

There are a few essential steps you need to take after your workplace injury.

Start by asking for help and reporting the injury. You should also seek medical attention, report the injury, and begin the documentation process. Make sure to hire a workers comp lawyer and file your compensation claim.

Follow these steps to handle your workplace injury the right way.

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