The Perfect Visit to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are three in number. They all have a name that describes them. If you walk along them on the Canadian side, from north to south (from the bridge linking Canada and the United States), you will see them in this order:

  • American Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls, right next to it, and much narrower
  • Horseshoe Falls (or horseshoe shaped falls), a little further. These are the most impressive

You should know that Niagara Falls are not the highest falls in the world , but still fall from a height of 52 meters. Or the equivalent of a 13-storey building! By way of comparison, the highest waterfall at the Iguazu site, on the border of Argentina and Brazil, drops 90 meters.

The Skylon Tower, the observation tower above Niagara Falls

On the other hand, Niagara Falls are the waterfalls with the highest flow in the world : 340,000 m 3  of water per minute during high season, and 168,000 m 3 / min in summer! In fact, part of the water is diverted during the summer to be used for the production of hydroelectricity.

The waters of Niagara Falls could be diverted even further to generate more electricity. But they would be less impressive, being able to impact tourism. However, this deviation is in place at night, further halving the flow! Tourists do not notice i.

From the Skylon Tower observation tower

While visiting Niagara Fallsby niagara falls limo, it is hard to miss this tower of the Skylon Tower. This is set back from the cornice, and measures over 150 meters in height.

The principle of this observation tower is to climb to its top, at the level of the observation platform. And so enjoy the scenery, with Niagara Falls below. This place also has restaurants, including one located at the top in a space that slowly spins on itself (one rotation per hour). This to enjoy different views without moving from your seat!

Access to the summit is via a glass elevator, outside the structure. It takes around ten euros to access this platform.

Getting to the heart of the falls

The principle

  • In the heart of Niagara Falls
  • Getting to the heart of Niagara Falls: impressive

There are several ways to extend the visit when going to Niagara Falls in order to get closer to them:

  • or by walking behind the Horseshoe Falls, going down through tunnels leading to an observation platform, just behind the falls.
  • or by boarding a boat taking us to the heart of the falls ! We conducted this second experiment.

The image is classic: a boat filled with tourists dressed in blue or red rain guards, heading straight for the Horseshoe Falls. These rain guards are handed out before boarding. Blue for those who leave from the United States, red for those who leave from Canada.

This outing is impressive, because it allows realizing even more the power of the falls. We are therefore entitled to the roar of waterfalls, the breathtaking visual spectacle, and the splash of water. Photographer friends, be careful to protect your cameras.