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Digital signature-

A digital signature is an electronic format of a physical signature used in companies or organizations that either take part or have the intention to take part in e tendering processes on different government sites. It helps in establishing sending identity of electronic document sent through the internet. The DSC is usually stored in the USB drive and accessed through the computer to sing documents electronically.

There are three types of the digital signature certificate which are class 1, 11, and 111 DSC. the class 111 is the highest level of the certificate and is mostly used for the e-tendering, e-bidding, and e-procurement on all government, semi government and private portals and offers the signing and encryption advantages while sending the document in that you can sign the document electronically and protect it so that it does not change in transit and goes to the right recipient who can decry pt. the message. To acquire the class 111 digital signature certificate for an individual you will need a pan card, an address proof and a one colour photo on the digital signature form to acquire it for an organisation you will need a pan card, the latest bank statement, the address prof, ITR copy, company registration certificate/VAT copy/service tax copy and also a one colour photo on a digital signature form. For each to apply for any government tender one will need this class 111 sign certificate and should be registered with the name of the representative who is authorized to submit the online offers for the e-tendering applications.

The digital signature certificate is important because it is able to authenticate the sender’s identity electronically, ensure absolute privacy and high level of security for the online transactions performed using the certificate and also encrypts information for the recipient intended. It also helps in verification of the sender as the person will digitally sign the document assuring recipient no changes took place in transit. The digital signature certificate is used to secure all email and web based transaction because you can be able to sign the web form, file annual income tax returns, e tendering documents or LLP incorporation. It helps in proving the ownership of a certain code for a certain developer and retain the rights of distribution for the software program with it members can access their membership based websites authentically keying in the user name and password to access the sites. In addition to this the members can identify the participants of the web based transitions and it also helps to prove the ownership of the domain names. One can also establish the SSL/TLS encrypted and secured sessions between a certain website and a web based transaction user.

In conclusion as we can see the digital signature certificate has become an important aspect for buyers and bidders as it helps them overcome geographical imitations, enables e-tendering as all documents are uploaded to central sites and acknowledgement and receipts provided immediately reduces the procurement cycles as it facilitates and streamlines the process and helps to keep pace with the latest technology to ensure convenient and transparent exchange of information and secure online transitions.

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