The Nails and The Color Looks of the Options

Short nails are not as easy to detach as long nails because they are less in contact with different elements during the day. For example, when you tap the computer, short nails do not touch the keys.

Avoid activities that damage the nails. If you can’t altogether avoid an activity that damages your nails, consider protecting your hands. For example, if you need to wash the dishes, wear rubber gloves to protect your nails.

Don’t bite your nails.

By gnawing your nails, you instantly destroy your manicure. If it is difficult to get rid of this bad habit, you will be forced to work if you want your manicure to last more than a few minutes. Visit for more multichrome nail polishes for your choosing this summer.

Update the little hooks and eyes

The areas where you apply nail polish to fix a scratch in your manicure won’t be as smooth as the rest of your nail, but these minor adjustments will still keep your nail polish from cracking more.

This little touch-up can make your manicure last a day or two longer, but the idea is still to remove your nail polish when you start chopping and redoing your manicure.

Learn how to hide small snags with the tips of your nails. If your nail polish tends to catch on the ends of your nails, file them lightly and then apply another coat of topcoat to flood the product onto the edge of your nail.

You can also apply a thin strip of varnish of a different color along the edge of your fingernail to create a French manicure. To make the result successful and clear, you have to have a hand.

As long as your nail polish doesn’t crack, apply a coat of topcoat every two or three days. Your manicure will last even longer. This will also make your nails shiny and freshly varnished, without having to restart your manicure.

This way, your nail polish will last longer.

Three tips against flaking nail polish

After you have painted your nails, you naturally hope that it will last for a while. Nail polish can take a beating, but it starts to peel off quickly when it comes into contact with water and chemicals. Want to enjoy your beautifully painted nails for longer than one day? We give you three tips to make your nail polish last longer.

Degrease your nails

If you want your nail polish to last longer, we recommend that you decrease your nails entirely so that the nail polish can adhere well. To ensure that your nails are in perfect condition for a nail polish layer, you will have to clean your nails first. The Nourishing Nail Polish Remover is ideal for this. The added ingredient Lanolin prevents dehydration and also gives the nails a beautiful shine. And nice: the nail polish remover is acetone-free and has a pleasant scent.

Use a base coat

If you want to keep your nail polish longer, you will still have to buy a good base coat. A base coat is very merely a layer of primer for your nails.

Use a top coat

After you have painted your nails nicely, it is essential to paint a protective layer over them. If you want to ensure that your nail polish stays in place longer and looks beautiful, we recommend the Top Coat. This polish protects against harmful external influences so that your nail polish will not chip. Not only the perfect protection layer, but our Top Coat also provides a brilliant shine. What else do you want?