The Key to Efficiency?: The Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems, Explained

Have you ever lost your key or been locked out of your home or business? Besides the hassle, replacing keys or locks are a big investment.

A lock replacement can cost up to $200.00! How can you avoid this? 

Consider keyless entry systems. Never again fumble with a key, jiggle a stubborn lock, or fear being locked out of your building.

These entry systems use high-level technology. Besides efficiency, these locks can add a lot of value to your home. Read on to learn why your home needs a keyless system in place. 

What Are Keyless Entry Systems? 

Keyless entry systems do away with traditional locks and keys. These items are replaced with a technologically advanced device that allows for remote access and entrance.

These devices automatically release your building’s lock and open the door for easy access. You can even use this technology to remotely open doors.  

Types of Keyless Entry Systems 

Depending on your homeownership interests or business needs, you can choose the right types of keyless entry systems. These are some examples: 

Keypad Entry 

Keypad entry is the most common and perhaps easiest type to use. Simply enter a combination code on the keypad to open the door. 

Fingerprint Entry 

Use the pad or screen to place your fingerprint. You can program these locks to allow for multiple fingerprints so family members or business employees can enter. 

Touch Screen Entry 

Touch screens are technologically advanced and allow for contactless entrance. For example, keyless building entry systems that use an ID card scan work with these types of locks. 

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems 

While there are many types of keyless entry systems to choose from, they share common benefits that can improve your home or business life. Keyless entry systems help to make accessing your home or business more efficient, seamless, and stress-free. 

Security and Safety 

Keeping your home safe and secure is an important task for the welfare of your family and maintaining your property investment. And, for your business, safeguarding your office space and protecting client information is essential.

A keyless entry system allows access for those who belong and helps deter trespassing and burglaries. To learn more about keyless entry security, check out Magnum Security Installations, Inc.

Multiple Access 

Do you have multiple family members living under the same roof? Do you have many employees or constantly update the list of the new hires?

A keyless entry can account for multiple access to a building. Create individual codes for each person or use a card or fingerprint for easy access. 

Saves Money 

Avoid replacing locks or making new keys. Keyless entry is a low-maintenance and economical choice for your home or office. You won’t have to replace the device. This saves money over time. 

Keyless Entry Systems Make Life a Little Less Stressful 

Owning a home or business can feel overwhelming and expensive. You constantly worry about maintenance and upkeep. A keyless entry system eliminates the basic stress of access and provides more benefits than a traditional lock system.

Think increased security, multiple access options, and serious money savings over time. If you found this information helpful, check out our other home stories.