February 8, 2023

Tacoma is a large city in Washington and the sixth largest port in North America. It is a waterfront city with museums, galleries, and artistic sights. Tacoma is an excellent place to live because it has plenty of opportunities for higher education and a steady job market. In addition, the cost of living in Tacoma is 12.2% lower than in Seattle, its neighboring city. However, sewer line problems are common in Tacoma.

Pipe issues arise when the pipes collapse, break, or get clogged over time. And sewer repairs and catch basin cleaning in Tacoma, WA, help to keep the sewage system in excellent condition.

What Is Catch Basin Maintenance?

Catch basins are an essential part of any drainage system, and these basins are the holes in the drainage system. They are connected with a sump and have a grate at the street level. They are the points where the stormwater flows into the sump, and they need to be cleaned when they capture sediments up to 60% of the sump volume. Cleaning the basin retains the volume in the catch basin, and its maintenance is done by experts who remove sediments and trash using a Vactor truck. As such, the basins require cleaning once or twice a year.

Why Do Catch Basins Require Cleaning?

Water flowing in the streets carries debris like leaves, twigs, litter, and dirt, which accumulate at the bottom of the catch basin. And the most significant role of the basin is to prevent flooding by holding up the debris and redirecting the water to the reservoir. So if the collected debris is not removed regularly, water cannot enter the drainage system, leading to flooding. As a result, water floods the parking lots and streets. Meanwhile, catch basin cleaning services remove the debris that causes flooding and keep the drainage system in perfect condition. Additionally, cleaning protects private properties and prevents water from causing damage to buildings and landscaping.

Benefits of Catch Basin Maintenance

Regular cleaning of the catch basin is more cost-effective than cleaning it after a problem arises. If problems occur, it leads to additional costs in fixing damages. The runoff water from a clogged drain collects in the neighboring areas and causes damage to the landscape and properties. Moreover, the foul smell emanating from the sewer is eliminated by removing the debris collected at the bottom of the catch basin.

Tips to Prevent Debris Accumulation in Catch Basins

  • People must clean the driveways and sidewalks by sweeping and removing the sand, leaves, and litter. It is better not to push the debris into the catch basin.
  • The oil leaks and drips from vehicles need to be fixed promptly. As such, car owners must use drip pans and not hose leaks into the basin. Also, if people use sand to absorb the leaked oil, it must be disposed of along with the household garbage.
  • Household cleaning and other products like insecticides, pesticides, paints, solvents, and auto fluids contain strong chemicals. Hence, people should never pour them into the catch basin.

The drainage system’s longevity and functionality depend on the catch basin’s efficiency. It depends on how well they are maintained, and major problems are eliminated by regular cleaning. Meanwhile, catch basin cleaning service providers do a complete inspection and schedule a regular maintenance routine. They ensure that the drains are clog-free and there is no water flooding. As such, catch basin cleaning in Tacoma, WA, helps to preserve the landscape by removing the sediments and debris. Moreover, cleaning prevents the creation of sinkholes and flooding. In the meantime, catch basin blockages are not identified until a storm; therefore, regular cleaning services provided by experts help to keep the surroundings clean and reduce damage to buildings and properties.