The Hydroponic Guide: Growing Your Own Weed

Wondering how to grow your own cannabis plants? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. 

If cannabis is legal in your state or country, growing it using hydroponic technology is a great option. Hydroponics is a way of growing plants using a nutrient water solution instead of soil. And although it requires a bit of hard work, it’s certainly worth it. 

Keep reading to learn how you can grow weed at home with this hydroponic guide.  

The Benefits 

If you’re questioning whether to use soil or hydroponics, here are some benefits of growing cannabis hydroponically:

  • No pesticides 
  • Better control over nutrient levels 
  • Less water usage than soil growing 
  • More potent buds 
  • Year-round growing 

What You’ll Need 

Before you can set anything up, you’ll need to have the right supplies. Here is everything you’ll need to grow your cannabis plants using hydroponics: 

  • A grow tent 
  • Grow lights 
  • Light hangers 
  • A grow table 
  • An oscillating fan 
  • Hydroponic nutrients
  • Hydroponic pots  
  • A water pump 
  • An air pump 
  • An airstone 
  • A reservoir tank 
  • Plastic tubing 
  • A dripline 
  • Dripline emitters 
  • A growing medium 
  • Cannabis seeds 

But if you’re a beginner and want to buy some of these items in a set, you can get a cannabis growing kit. 

The Setup  

First, you want to set up your reservoir, which is where you’ll put the water and nutrient solution. It will also contain a line from the air pump to the airstone, the airstone itself, and the water pump. 

Second, you have to create the grow table. The purpose of the grow table is to catch the excess water from the plants and put it into the reservoir. On the lowest point of the table, you will need to put a drainage line that leads to the reservoir. 

Third, you must fill your hydroponic pots with your growing medium of choice. Growing mediums are usually clay pebbles, Rockwool, perlite, or coco coir. Follow the instructions for the medium you’re using. 

Fourth, take the plastic tube from the water pump and run it through the whole grow table. Puncture holes in the plastic tubing and put it into every pot. Then, connect the drip line emitters to the end of each drip line.  

Finally, run all the pumps to make sure everything is functioning properly. There shouldn’t be stagnant water at any point while it’s running.  

Further Care  

Once you’ve set up your hydroponic system, you have to care for it properly going forward. Here are some tips: 

  • Monitor the water pH using a test kit 
  • Keep water temperature around 68 F 
  • Use the correct amount of nutrients 
  • Avoid contamination by cleaning 

Was This Hydroponic Guide Helpful? 

Growing weed hydroponically isn’t for everyone, but it’s rewarding for those willing to stick with it. You’ll have a new hobby, a green thumb, and lots of fresh weed. Now go purchase your supplies and start setting it up!   If you found this hydroponic guide useful, check out some of our health and fitness content.