The growth of the online entertainment industry

The introduction of the internet meant that people could access entertainment, music, movies, games, books and videos online. This use of smart devices such as smart phones and smart TVs has undoubtably fuelled the growth of the online entertainment industry. In 2019, the industry was valued at over $183 million.

People are now able to access any media content at any place and at any time using various platforms as more and more people are now creating videos, music and images. This increase has fuelled the grown of the online entertainment industry.

Looking at the smartphone, people are now able to download apps which can enable them to access social media platforms, play music videos, watch movies, play games and share images. The mobile phone has made it very simple for people on the go to connect to any media.

Entertainment industries such as casinos have been able to use this technology to enable them to deliver online betting games in a better format that will deliver quality for their players. Various betting platforms have been able to expand their game options like here, as well as their pay outs through using online platforms. This has made them more popular hence the increase in revenue of the online betting industry. Players are able to use their home computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, whichever is more convenient for them without losing any functionality of playing their favourite games.

Smart TVs have also enabled people to access a variety of platforms from their television. This makes it easier to watch the various entertainment platforms from the comfort of their homes. The technology on today‚Äôs TVs continues to be improved with better visual graphics, sound and other functionalities in order to continue delivering quality for the end users whether they are watching movies, music videos or playing games. There is even more functionality for viewing artwork on a smart TV. 

The online entertainment industry will continue to grow as the digital software is improved and internet is more widely available. More content will continue to be made available on mobile platforms due to the increase of their use. In 2020 the number of people individually using internet on mobile phones was 4.28 billion. Therefore, in order to continue to reach these consumers, then more platforms will have to continue making their platforms easily accessible via mobile phones and other handheld devices.