The Do’s and Don’ts When Using Platforms like Doublelist

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Sites like Doublellist is a proud supporter of one-night stands. They are all about people finding what they want, finding out what their users want, as well as finding the right match for their users. The etiquette of the no-strings-attached hookup is not set in stone. 

There is a good reason for that – when individuals are having sex for fun, it is all about preference. But sometimes, people complicate things by behaving as they have done, or the other party has done something impure and dirty, or they fail to communicate their boundaries, as well as fail to respect other people. These things lead to something Doublelists are firmly against – unsatisfactory and bad sex. That is why we take a closer look at some Do’s, and Don’ts individuals need to follow when using this platform.

Tell the other party what you want

Just because it is a one-night stand kind of relationship does not mean that intercourse should be mediocre. Users need to tell their match what name they like to be called, how rough they do or if they don’t like rough intercourse, what positions are best for them, whether or not they can stay for the night – anything that will create the best experience for both of them. 

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Will the person be 100% agree with what the platform is all about? Maybe not, but people can both still have fun doing casual sex. The catch is, if they do not tell the other person about their own preferences, they need to ask. It is respectful to ask, and it will also lead to more enjoyable sex.

Do not let your guard down

A real sex connoisseur is not naïve. If a person is going to a stranger’s house, they need to be very careful. They should tell at least one of their friends where they are going and what they are doing. Set an exact time, as well as shooting them a text or call to check in. 

Users need to consider keeping a close eye on their drinks. Make sure to trust your gut feeling – if they feel something is wrong or uneasy, there is no reason you should go somewhere with this individual. Politely having intercourse with someone is not the type of polite people need to be. 

Always remember to love yourself first before everything else. Individuals have tons of options. If a person is taking their match to their place, they should not assume they are in the clear. And don’t be afraid to show the door out to someone if they need to.

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People should always think about their mental health

If a person feels awkward, stressed out, down on themselves, or they are in their head, sometimes having intercourse can help out with these problems. But sometimes, it only makes these feelings worse. Only a person knows what works well for them. 

Getting high or getting drunk to get over first-meeting jitters is as likely to affect people’s performance in bed as it is to boost their confidence. It also leaves them vulnerable to individuals who want to disregard their boundaries or steal their wallets. When individuals feel good, they will have the best time of their lives when having one-night stands. Not only that, an excellent intercourse can help the feeling last longer.

Do not have unprotected sex

People need to make sure that they do everything they can to protect themselves from Sexually Transmitted Diseases, pregnancy, and Sexually Transmitted Infections. Individuals will be exposed to Sexually Transmitted Diseases at some point. 

For some reason, everyone loves to lie to themselves about this issue. Doublelist believe in fun and commitment-free casual intercourse, as well as not being a big idiot. A lot of people love one-night stands or booty calls but do not want to get pregnant or don’t want their partners to get pregnant. If a person comes prepared, there is no way they will have to stop everything just to go to the nearest drugstore to get condoms. 

Most individuals will tell you it does not feel the same or as good with condoms. Whether or not that is really true, if you do not want to use it, there are tons of excellent ways to get off that will alleviate or eliminate the risks of contracting STIs, STDs, or pregnancy (seriously, just get better condoms in sex stores or on the Internet).