The Different Types Of Lawyers To Know About 

When it comes to getting a lawyer, it can be very confusing. The world has thousands of them and we have to work our way through it all to find our issue or case. Not all of us are gifted when it comes to understanding the law and how to apply it. We first need to get an understanding of what kind of lawyers are out there and what do they practice. Many lawyers can work in a vast amount of industries and others focus on particular specialties and that’s all they do. Here are some of the different types of lawyers you should know about.


Most times if we are accused of a crime and maybe even committed a crime, we will need someone who understands criminal courts. There can be special attorneys who only work on white-collar or abuse cases so it’s always good to look around. Criminal courts are a bit tough and those such as criminal defense attorney’s know their stuff. They understand what’s going to happen to you after the arrest, what the judge might say and how you can get the matter behind you. Cases involving some kind of crime will go to a criminal justice attorney. Morris, King, Hodge P.C. is one of many that can assist you with your legal needs.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury attorney’s hop on a case that can be about libel, slander or bodily harm in some kind away. They are there to defend your reputation, as most attorneys are, and help you either get medical expenses paid or sue the other party who hurt you. Some of these personal injury attorneys are dedicated to traffic-related injuries. They will be the one you can go to if you get in a wreck and now your back is starting to hurt.

Intellectual Property

Many dream of writing that great book to share with the world. However, your book is considered intellectual property and you don’t want anyone stealing it or using it without your consent. If this ever does happen, then you need to call an intellectual property attorney who understands copyrights and publishing issues. They often protect and represent creatives who labor over their work either in music, film or workmanship. You can learn a lot from an intellectual property attorney who can be become your right-hand person when you finish your masterpiece. They teach you how to protect it and what to do if you run into copyright issues.

Lawyers study all kinds of subjects and it helps to get familiar with their specialties. Your case might be of criminal nature or a part of a personal injury situation. Whatever the case, once you study a bit you will know the difference between an intellectual property attorney versus a real estate attorney. Take the time to learn how they help their clients. It doesn’t hurt to share your story with one attorney who can lead you to the right lawyer to assist you on your case. Referrals can be a good thing especially if it’s inside one firm.