Most people have a pretty good idea of what a mens club Melbourne looks like. If that is all you’ve ever seen, you will be surprised to know that male and female strip clubs are different.

To understand the difference, you need to understand the things that set the two apart. Male hotness is a measure of how chiseled and well-groomed a guy could be whilst female hotness is more nuanced, it’s a combination of a great body, sensuality and attitude. A woman might not have a killer body but might ooze sexual appeal.

Just consider hunks lathered in baby oil and gyrating to “sex bomb” and a woman working a pole. What looks hotter? Even women would root for the chick than the beef cake. There is a different dynamic between these two.

There is something mesmerizing about a beautiful woman slowly stripping her clothes off while dancing. It has something to do with how she dances, how she commands your attention and keeps your eyes fixed on her. A woman who can hold your attention. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin can keep your attention and make you easily part with your cash.

Why do men go to mens clubs to watch female strippers

Men in general, go to strip clubs or gentlemens clubs to check erotic dancers out. They want to see the raunchier side of things. They are not exactly interested in the dancing skills of performers. Gentlemen’s clubs on the other hand are different, less salacious and the performance skills of the girls working in them is more important that a quick strip down. Gentlemen’s clubs also might not offer full nudity but the girls can strip down to their lingerie. Strip clubs are more like titie bars.

Why women go to male strip clubs

Women want something different when they go to a male revue. Having a man grind on you gets tired very quickly. Swinging genitals infront of women is sleazy and it might even feel disgusting. Women going out on a hen night to a male strip club just want have fun. It’s not merely about sexual. Male strippers have to be more inventive in their performance. They enact themes that are known to be a popular female fantasies like fireman fantasies or men in uniform.

Who gives the best lap dance?


Lap dances in mens clubs are done in private. That does not happen male strip clubs. In male clubs, lap dances happen on stage in full view of the other punters. This could be uncomfortable for the customer getting this attention. There are almost never any character routines or public lap dances in a female strip club.

Who makes the most money?

Female strippers  make more money in tips and in the money they charge for those private champagne room performances.  strip clubs charge higher entrance fees which includes fees that go towards lap dances. Male strippers might be paid a percentage of the door takings plus the tips they earn from their performances.

Female strippers can make $50 to $100 per lap dance. They can perform as many private dances as they want and get tips for stage performances. With most female strip clubs open every day of the week, female stripper can easily make $2000. They can even make more money for private performances.

There are fewer male strip clubs than female clubs and most of them open on certain days of the week. Because there are fewer male strip clubs, competition is quite high. With competition being high, it becomes difficult for make strippers to charge what they believe their performance is really worth. This is one reason “strip-o-grams” are popular for hen parties.

Can we really say women strippers are hotter than male strippers?

Ladies can tuck their bits very nicely in titillating lacey lingerie, male strippers have to contend with their dangling bits.  And there is nothing as underwhelming as flappy genitals.


The difference in etiquette

At male strip clubs performers walk around topless, showing off well-oiled muscles, and touching is encouraged, freely. With female strippers, touching is a no no.

Male strippers seem to be ever- ready for a photo opportunity. In female strip clubs, photographs are discouraged and people hardly ever take pictures. However, that seems to be changing with the proliferation of social media and the overwhelming need we have to immortalize our experiences. The clubs themselves take photos of what goes on  in the club to post on their websites.

Not everyone who goes to a mens club Melbourne goes there to see naked women. Some people go to these clubs to relax and have fun without any judgement. Sometimes