The Complete Law Firm Website Design Guide


Did you know that there are over 1.1 million licensed attorneys in the United States alone? That’s a lot of competition for someone trying to attract potential clients. In this digital world, it is important to have the right online presence as an attorney.

How can you use your website to gain more traffic? Read on to learn about law firm website design.

Format Your Content for the User

A law firm website design should get formatted in a way that allows the user to easily scan through. Many people don’t read content in full and pick up phrases and words as they go. For this reason, it is important to convey the information you think is the most useful in a way that is eye-catching to the reader.

Website content should not be dull and boring. By using engaging headlines, subheads, and bulleted lists, people are most likely going to find the information they were looking for. This also makes it more likely that they will come back to your site later on or hire you for your services.

Another way to format for scannability is to highlight keywords and phrases. The most professional way to do this is by using bold or hyperlinks.

If you have heavy blocks of text, try to add an image in between. The image should also be informative and not get randomly thrown in without any context. For example, a great way to add an informative image is by creating an infographic.

Entice the User

In the legal industry, many users enjoy reading the introduction and conclusion more than the body. It is important to catch the reader’s attention during the first sentence of the paragraph to keep users interested. This means not writing any fluff, only provide valuable information.

Another good way to entice the user is by introducing the conclusion in the beginning so that they know they can find the answer they are looking for. The following information should support your beginning thoughts to keep the reader enticed.

Optimize the Right Way

To gain more user traffic, your law firm website design may favor search engines more than your audience. Optimizing content to gain trust with search engines is essential, but you have to do it right.

Some of the top search engines, like Google, don’t support overused phrases. This is because people don’t want to read it and Google picks up on that.

Instead of creating website content that caters to search engines, write to the clients you want to jump on board with your firm. Every page should have a clear, single idea. When you write with knowledge about these concepts, the keywords will come naturally and gain more user traffic.

Don’t Forget Mobile Optimization

One of the major design elements you need to consider is mobile optimization. Many are using their mobile phones to get online and search for information. Because information is so readily available, users have become impatient.

What does this mean for your law firm website design? It means you need to get straight to the point. Users need to know right away if they have found the information they were looking for on your site.

For example, if you are a solo attorney and someone is looking for that, it needs to be clear on your site. Without engaging headlines and concise paragraphs, users will leave a site without hesitation. Deliver the most important information that you have first, it should be at the forefront of your site.

Be sure that your website is optimized for mobile use. Phone screens are small compared to desktop and laptop screens so the same site won’t always work for both. When you optimize your site for mobile use, you don’t have to worry about something not showing up on a user’s phone.

Have a Call to Action

Every business needs a call to action. However, this won’t work if it is not clearly stated on the site. Incorporating this into your design elements is one of the best tips a law firm can follow.

Your website should work like a funnel. When a user clicks on one thing they are led to another until they ultimately discover your call to action and do it. You must tell your users what to do when they arrive at your website.

Keep It Simple

A simple law firm website design doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually keep potential customers on your site. When a website looks more attractive, users are more likely to spend their time rummaging through it.

A simple design keeps everything uncluttered. This means getting rid of any big blocks of texts or paragraphs that make no sense. This is especially important because not everyone is familiar with law terms

Take advantage of the white space on your site to make it more aesthetic. For examples of how to create a great law firm site, visit this website to learn from the best.

Is Your Law Firm Website Design Up to Par?

The legal industry involves a lot of hard work, but you can’t get to work if no one is hiring you. If you aren’t reaching the customers you need to, your law firm website design may not be up to par. By using this guide, you can get back on track and keep the clients rolling in.

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