The BlackWidow by Razer

Razer Blackwidow launched a tournament edition of its most famous gaming keyboard. Razer has been the wisest choice for many esports lovers for a long time. Razer Blackwidow is a compact mechanical gaming keyboard built for competitive gamers. The new version of the keyboard boasts of the Instant Trigger Technology. It provides you with an industry-level response time that a gaming keyboard has to offer. Upon a click, the ITT technology cancels any delay between the actual touch and the implementation. Thus, it provides a rapid response through the keyboard to your system. Find the right keyboard for you at the best computer accessories store online.

It offers a choice to the users to choose between the mechanical green, orange or yellow switches. The keyboard is capable of meeting the needs of a first-person shooter. The keys are 40% faster than other mechanical switches and have been tested under the most intense gaming session. The predicted lifespan is around 80 million keystrokes which will take ages to finish.

Tougher keycaps, brighter switches, longer lifespan

The Blackwidow V3 at the heart of it features razer mechanical switches with precise, audible, and clicky actuation. The keyboard has silicone sound dampeners or a quieter experience. They feature an extra sidewall for better switch stability and enhanced experiences. A lot of attention is paid to the building of a professional gaming keyboard that we won’t even think about. All of this is an added benefit to enhance the gaming experience.

A further enhancement to the V3 is that they come with the inclusion of Doubleshot ABSkeycaps. Previously the keyboards featured printed lettering, the new double structure has the lettering molded into the structure of the keycap. A prominent Razer Blackwidow keyboard will help enhance your gaming experience. It means that the letter will never wear away or fade. For added durability, these ABS keys are remolded with extra-thick walls making them touch even withstand the most heavy-handed player in the room.

For new chroma RGB lighting ow the version 3 of Black widow features transparent housing. The clear casing allows the pure brilliance of color in the Blackwidow to shine through and impress everyone who is using or watching the gameplay. With dynamic lighting programmed for more than 150 games, the gaming immersion has never looked so good.

The new function is the multi-function Digital Roller. The roller with media key set could be sued for volume controls and any function you want them to b programmed to. With improved aluminum chassis this is the most comfortable deal you can get today.