The benefits of knowing your pharmacist

Your pharmacist is most likely the health professional you see most often. Talking with him or her about your health has several benefits.

Pharmacists often work closely with your doctor or nurse and can give you expert information and guidance related to your health.

Benefits of Talking with Your Pharmacist

  1. Talk to them about your medicine. Ask them to explain the small print. Find out if there are side effects and what you should do if you experience those side effects.
  2. Your pharmacist may be able to help connect you with prescription discounts and aid programs. If you don’t have prescription insurance or your current costs are too high, ask them about programs that may exist.
  3. Talk with your pharmacist about medication safety. They will let you know how to take your medication, and what to avoid when you’re taking the prescription. They can tell you which supplements, and other over-the-counter medications are safe to take in conjunction with your medication.
  4. When you get to know your pharmacist, you can trust you’re getting the right medication. You will never have to doubt the correctness of what you’ve been given.
  5. Additionally, your pharmacist can help you identify or manage your health. Many drugstores have blood pressure checkpoints and you can share those numbers with your pharmacist who can talk to you about those numbers and direct you to medical care if your blood pressure is too high or low.  Your pharmacist may also be able to provide immunizations, like yearly flu shots.

Pharmacists have been specially trained to help you manage and improve your health. They will work with your health care team to help you get the right medications. Your pharmacist can also talk with your doctor if you are having trouble taking your medication or have side effects.