The 4 Best Places to Live in Naples, Florida

Living in a sleepy, dreamy beach town is a goal for many people today. The quiet, relaxed atmosphere is something to be desired for those who live busy and stressful lives. In the United States today, more than 127 million people live in counties on the coast, which is almost 40% of the American population.

It’s really a no-brainer for why beach towns are so popular. What they offer in beautiful sights alone makes them a great place to live. Naples, Florida is known for being one of the most beautiful and diverse beach towns out there. If you’re considering a move and are curious about the best places to live in Naples, Florida, keep on reading!

  • Coquina Sands

Coquina Sands is one of the best family neighborhoods in Naples, Florida. It is known for its friendly atmosphere and tight-knit community. If you desire tree-lined and quiet streets, this is the neighborhood for you.

This neighborhood also holds many high-end commodities, such as the Naples Beach Hotel and Golfcourse. There are also tons of coffee shops and shopping destinations to keep you busy. However, it is on the pricier side, with the average price of homes coming in around $900,000.

  • Moorings

Moorings is a neighborhood in the middle of Naples, which means most homes have waterfront access. If you enjoy participating in water sports, this could be the neighborhood for you. Moorings residents have easy access to the Gulf, so you can kayak, boat, or even paddleboard whenever you’d like.

The average house in Moorings cost around $750,000. Though it is a rather expensive place to live, it’s worth it because of the access to water. It’s also a great place to build a home because of its location in the middle of Naples.

If you’re interested in building a house versus buying, consider finding a local construction group that knows the area and can provide the best service, such as Flynn Construction Group, LLC. You can save money knowing that you’re getting the best deal with someone who knows how to work in that particular place.

  • Park Shore 

Park shore is known as one of the most expensive places in Naples, with homes averaging in the millions. This is because of its waterfront properties with exclusive boat access. Park Shore also offers world-class boutiques, restaurants, and live music. It’s an excellent place for couples without children that are looking to enjoy their nights out on the town.

  • Indigo Lakes and Indigo Preserve 

Indigo Lakes and Indigo Preserve is one of the most affordable places to live in Naples, Florida. These are gated communities in North Naples, which include community centers that offer tennis, basketball, and even a pool.

This neighborhood features quality schools, parks, and beaches. It’s great for families or for couples that want to be apart of a strong community. The average cost of homes comes in around $400,000.

Best Places to Live in Naples, Florida 

If you’re ready to experience the white sandy beaches and picturesque sights, it’s time to explore the best places to live in Naples, Florida! Depending on your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a neighborhood, any of the above options could work for you.

And don’t forget that if you don’t find a house you absolutely love, you can always build one yourself! If you would like more great content like this, browse through more of our articles today.