Summer Driving Tips

Everyone loves the summer, especially for those who live in temperate or cold regions. The sun’s out, it’s beach time, time to bring out the sun dresses and head to a vacation spot. 

Although you’re gearing up to enjoy the summer, is your car ready? You know the heat and all, the extra driving since there is usually more activity during the summer. The heat does have negative effects on your car, and tyres too. We’ll be sharing with you some tips to make your summer driving more comfortable.

The Weather is Hot

There’s not much that can be done about the weather, the asphalt oozes so much heat and you feel it so much in your car. So how do you counteract these? Simple, make sure your air conditioner is in top shape. You should also make sure your car’s cooling system is on point. This includes thermostat, radiator, and all the rest, with the right fluids also. Your belts and hoses also should be in good shape. If you don’t seem to be sure, perhaps the belts or the hose looks cracked; you might need to visit a professional.

Get The Right Tyres

First get out your summer tyres; they are built for such a time as this. Summer tyres are harder and built to handle the hardness of the heat. Also check for signs of failure on your tyres, like cracks and swellings, punctures and the rest. Also check your tyre pressure to make sure it is well inflated. Check the pressure when the tyres are cold though, like early in the morning. Of course avoid overloading your cars, yes you want to go on vacation. But your tyres are under pressure already from the weather, it’s best you don’t add more to it.

Drive Carefully

You should always drive carefully, that’s true, but the start of summer sees a lot of people out, wanting to enjoy the summer sun. This puts more people on the road, including teenaged inexperienced drivers, who are still over their heads. There are also more two legged vehicles such as bicycles, and motor bikes on the road. So, one has to be wary of all these extra road users. So be careful, give other road users, especially the young inexperienced ones space, slow down in crowed places and you should do fine.

Be Prepared

Your tyres will take a lot of pressures this season, so why not just get the best tyres for the job. Buy Dunlop tyres. This will save you unplanned trips to the car service shop. In case you need to visit a car service place, try out tire plus dubai. The staff are experts at what they do, and your car will come out healthy, running smoothly and better equipped to face the harsh realities of driving in the summer.