Successful and Effective SEO Methods Law Firms can Use this 2019

In 2019, where there is a dramatic increase of law firms and individual legal practitioners competing for the attention of potential clients, designing and implementing a proper Search Engine technique is the key to making your website stand out and rank them higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

When it comes to designing a successful search engine optimization campaign for your law practices or your law firm, the big question is, “What is the secret to success?” A lot of licensed lawyers who became legal marketers, they know how to import a lot of relevant leads back to these law firms.

Because of this, SEO techniques and website development go hand in hand. It is not enough to have a proper storefront. You need to make sure that your target market can easily find your website among thousands, if not millions of sites in your industry. Listed below are some techniques or methods that you need to keep in mind.

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Create law hubs

Law hubs are a hub of contents for every major practice area covered in your law firm. You need to design and create articles that will answer frequently asked questions, solve your client’s problems and educate all the users, using these law hubs. A well-written hub can have the potential to widely viewed and shared as reputable resources, establish your business as the leader in your industry and drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Prioritize long-form contents

A content with 1,890 words or more is considered as significant when it comes to search engine results. Although it will take longer to design and write long-form content, it is worth the effort. Make contents that cover a particular topic can capture their target market that is looking for information that can lead them to your website.

If your site includes essential and relevant information that is valuable to your target market, these long-term contents can help you establish your law firm or your law practice in general, as an authority in your industry and your area. You can also merge existing pages to create long-form content.

Include some core practice areas in the main website navigation

Search engines, will look and scan at your website to understand and know the nature of your business. By including your firm’s core practice areas in the main navigation, you will establish your law firm’s primary focus and increase your business’ odds in getting a higher ranking in search engines result page or SERP for your law practice content.

Conversely, if you take for granted essential practice pages and bury them deep within your website, search engines can see this as less important content and will rank them lower. Placing these practice contents at the front and center of your main navigation can also help boost the usability of your site.

When people visit your website, they will have no problem knowing or identifying the product or services that you are offering. That is why if you have certain practice areas you want to focus, do not just put “Practice Areas” in them, instead, list them as actual practice areas on your navigational menu.

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Avoid overstuffing your contents with keywords or key-phrases

While keywords and key-phrases are an integral part of any search engine optimization strategy, they are starting to diminish in importance. You should not use the to make your content looks and sounds unnatural, phony and forced. If the keywords used can fit in your content naturally, you need to use it.

If they don’t fit, do not use them to make your content longer. Google is starting to be more sophisticated by the minute, and they can already detect synonyms for your content’s search terms. Your main goal is to weave the keyword into your content in a way that they look natural and relevant.

Using social media platforms to your advantage

Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms that have experienced a sudden growth in recent years. This growth is something most business owners don’t want to overlook, as these platforms can reach a lot of potential clients on a whole new level.

Using methods like hashtags aligned with your practice or with your firm can help clients find your website more easily. Posting real-time photos can make you and your team a lot more approachable and will encourage your potential and present clients to get in touch with you online.