Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Stomach cancer, commonly referred to as gastric cancer, is one of the more painful forms that someone can develop. This cancer often begins forming in the stomach lining cells that produce digestive enzymes. Due to the part of the stomach that is most directly affected, the resulting symptoms tend to be pretty constant.

The common signs and symptoms of stomach cancer are:

Upset Stomach

The most dangerous aspect of this particular symptom is it can be dismissed as a symptom of any number of practically-harmless issues, such as basic nausea. Even the common assumption that someone is just getting sensitive to certain types of foods can make it easy to overlook gastric cancer in the beginning, and even intermediate, stages.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is another symptom that can have several causes. Due to the fact that many things can trigger this, it is also easy to dismiss as just a disagreement between your body and your dinner. However, this could be due to a buildup of swelling and stomach fluids, both of which can be caused by developing cancer cells.

Weight Loss

Since many people are not opposed to losing a few pounds, a small dip in weight is easy to just disregard as a lucky break. But, a decrease in weight with no change in diet or exercise is just not how the body normally works. If a sudden loss of appetite is leading to a drastic change, there is cause for concern, particularly if the interest of food is also gone.

Chronic Feelings of Fullness

Since this is less likely to cause discomfort and can lead to a desired weight loss that you relate with eating less, it can be tricky even to consider this a symptom. If a once insatiable appetite is now suddenly satisfied with just a few bites to eat, this shift in body function is from something not functioning correctly.


With acid reflux disease being so prevalent, a little heartburn, here and there, is also easy to write off as nothing. Acid reflux and heartburn, however, are easily treatable with over-the-counter medication. If medication isn’t working, or the conditions are chronic and persistent, it is important to seek the cause.


Probably the most common symptom to anything that could go wrong with the stomach, this is easy to dismiss as just an upset stomach. Alone, not necessarily cause for concern. If chronic, this is always a concern (even if not cancer).

The signs and symptoms of stomach cancer, individually, mirror the most common problems that people have with their stomachs. Any which persist, or that are in conjunction with the others on the list should be discussed with a doctor immediately.