We welcomed the new decade with deadly Covid-19, which restricted everyone inside their home. It has been a year almost since people are working, learning, and doing business from home. And now, staying indoors is becoming tiring and boring for everyone.

With limited outdoor activities and social distancing administered by the local government, adults suffer from productivity loss, while children get frustrated without meeting friends. Since you can’t travel or socialize outside, consider sprucing up your backyard.

A clean and tidy outdoor space will let you escape the conventional indoor environment. You can grab your laptop and enjoy the fresh air while working. Likewise, children can take a break from gadgets and play some fun games outside. You can also set up camps at night for stargazing sessions with children. After all, all these different activities are an ideal way to entertain children in this pandemic.

But for all this, you have to restore the backyard. Whether it is full of junk, old furniture, or broken car parts – clean the space. In case you have no idea about how to get rid of clutter and beautify the yard, let us throw some light.

Here are six pro tips to spruce up your backyard:

1.    Clear The Deck

Usually, the backyard is more like every homeowner’s junkyard. You can find old furniture, exclusive artwork, and even instruments like keyboard and guitar lying in the corner. As you are sprucing up the backyard, consider throwing away all the junk to make room for some patio furniture. However, if you are not ready to give away your belongings, then rent an affordable storage space for your essentials. Not only are these storage facilities climate-controlled and secure, but they are also open 24/7, which means you can have to access your belongings at any time.

2.    Define Your Spaces

Everyone has unique ideas and plans for their backyard. Some want an aesthetic sitting area, while others want to make it their ultimate barbeque spot. Before trying anything thing, define spaces. Allocate a place for lounging, make space for a kids pool, and see how much sitting space you need. It will help in arranging the patio furniture and garden accessories in a better way. Also, don’t forget to make some space for the walkaway.

3.    Brighten Up With Flowers  

As you have a clean and fresh backyard, it is time to decorate the place with plants, shrubs, and flowers. Firstly, check the pH level of the soil and start sowing seeds. You can grow fruits, vegetables, or delicate green plants. Moreover, you can use flower bed stones to add a finishing touch to your landscape. You can either stack them around the landscape as a border or hang them vertically on the wall. After all, a backyard without flowers will look nothing but incomplete.

4.    Decorate With Porch Swings

Do you like porch swings? Be it a mature person or young, both equally the fresh air and scenery on a backyard swing. Unsurprisingly, your backyard offers the perfect location for placing a porch swing. Unlike chairs, it doesn’t require a firm or flat surface beneath it. Thus, even if your landscape has cuts or uneven grass, the swing will turn out fine. You can grab some thick chains, attach them with a wooden seat, and drill them into the ceiling. Believe it or not, this would be everyone’s favorite spot in the backyard.

5.    Add Warmth With A Firepit 

Almost everyone has a memory of gathering around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and playing games. So, why not relive some memories? Add a fire pit in your backyard to create a warm and cozy space. You can have them custom-built or save some bucks by making one yourself. You have to mark where you want to set up the fire pit, add concrete, paint the walls, and your fire pit is ready.  In addition to sprucing up the backyard, it can improve your home’s value.

6.    Light Up The Backyard

Surprisingly, there is nothing like the sparkle of lights on warm and cool nights. Therefore, consider lighting up the patio with a glittering chandelier. You can hard-wire it to the porch or a gazebo if you lack a permanent shade structure. Likewise, add some low voltage lights inside shrubs and plants on the walkway to illuminate the dark spaces. Apart from this, if you like being creative, create your magic in the backyard. Get some canning jars, add some sand, light up a candle, and hang them on tree branches. Thus, making it a perfect spot for nighttime reading sessions.


Undoubtedly, backyards are as essential as any other part of the house. If you have been missing out on this outdoor area, consider sprucing up space. If the backyard is full of unnecessary items and clutter, shift them into a storage unit. Similarly, use your creativity to design the backyard and turn it into a fun and relaxing outdoor space.