Signs You Should Switch Your HOA Property Management

Are you unhappy with your HOA property management company? This can be a frustrating experience, especially when it has to do with your home and the community you live in.

An HOA property manager is someone who is beneficial to your community as a whole. They manage relationships between neighbors, manage vendors, take care of maintenance requests, and more. When the relationship between the homeowners and the management company breaks down, it can result in an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Fortunately, if you are having problems with your HOA property management company, you can hire a new company and return to harmonious living. If you are wondering when to replace your HOA property management company, here are several signs you should.

You’ve Had Several Managers Within a Short Period

A clear sign it’s time to switch hoa management companies is manager turnover. If you have had several managers within a short period, there is likely a problem with the management company overall. This problem will eventually affect your community, which is why you should consider a change.

There Is No Communication

Managing HOA properties require effective communication so everyone involved is on the same page. If you are dealing with a manager who won’t return phone calls, does not inform the members of changes, and more, you need a new management company. This is a sign of unprofessionalism and can result in serious issues for your community.

You Have No Financial Transparency

Part of the HOA management job is to share financial reports with the association board. These reports are essential, to prevent fraud, overspending, and other financial problems. If your manager is not being transparent with the community finances, hire someone new immediately.

The Community Is in Poor Condition

Have you noticed your community is in poor shape and maintenance requests are not being handled? Then it might be time for a fresh start. A community in poor condition can affect you in a variety of ways, such as impacting your property value and overall livability.

You Are Not Compliant 

One of the many benefits of an HOA manager is keeping your community compliant. This means your board is complying with tax laws, state civil codes, and local statutes. If your manager is not ensuring compliance or giving you guidance and advice, consider using a more professional and reputable company.

These Are the Signs You Need a New HOA Property Management Company

If you are wondering when to hire a new HOA property management company, these are the signs.

You may have experienced turnover or a lack of communication. If your current manager is not transparent about your finances or does not take care of maintenance requests, hire someone new. If your community is not compliant or the manager is rude and unprofessional in general, consider a change.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, consider switching your HOA property management company right away.

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