Shakuntali Siberia warns of the global deception

In the tremendous flow of information where we have to flounder, it is so difficult not to get lost. It is so easy to follow the swindlers, but it is our choice whether to believe them or to distinguish truth from the lie. Shakuntali Siberia inspires us to make the right choice and perceive only true and valuable information.
“The roads we take” ©
Our life consists of choices. We may even not be aware of it, but it happens literally every minute in our lives. Sometimes it is an easy and not so important choice but once in a while, our choices influence our whole lives. A fruit or sweets for a snack, going out with friends or staying at home…These may seem the trifles but can change your pathline completely.

Shakuntali Siberia teaches her students how to make the right decisions in your life. Shakuntali Siberia is an Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is a temple priestess. The Spiritual Master of Shakuntali is Sri Aurobindo. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.
Shakuntali Siberia always tells her students that sooner or later they will face the most important choice in their life. We all do. It is the thing that will define your fate. Or the moral questions that will urge for your choice.

And that will be the time when your complete self-confidence will be very much needed. When you feel that you are drowning in the ocean of doubts, just reach out to your inner critic and judge. Together you will wade through tons of information that are running through your head and find the right decision. 
Even Messiah had his foes
You should always remember that everybody has foes. From your acquaintances to the celebrities. And the more famous a person becomes the more foe he/she gets. And the more lies can be spread all over his/her head. Should you believe it?

Let’s look back at the great persons of the past. Almost all the saints and healers – every outstanding person is often criticized and misunderstood because he/she thinks bigger, out of the frames. 


Even our meager (in terms of the whole Planet) project “Field of Love” experienced difficult times. We used to be accused of such strange and ridiculous things that it may be hard to believe. Shakuntali Siberia never could understand the reasons why some people did not believe her sincere eagerness to help the world.

The worst thing about that is not the rumors themselves but that our project cannot help as many people as we want. You may be surprised but a lot of people, very respected and educated, believe such stories and that would interfere with their acceptance of Shakuntali Siberia’s help. The slanderers are not fastidious about any methods of lies that can be very convincing and ruin all the attempts of Shakuntali Siberia to help.
It’s the stars who decide
It is widely known that the stars have a huge effect on the life of our planet and the fate of the people. Last year, in 2020, the stars and the planets have had the position upon which that period became crucial for our Planet. All of us have been struggling with fear, uncertainty, doubts, illnesses and even loss. But on the other hand, that was the magic year. Shakuntali Siberia did her best to help people even during those hard times and she knew that lots of people had gone from average attitude to life to the deep soul transformation. It would be correct to say that the situation with COVID-19 made them more aware of what for we came to this Planet and what we could do to make it better and more friendly to every human being.

It was also the time for the dark people who came out on the stage of life to spread their lies. It is natural because in the situation of chaos and panic it is very easy to confuse people and deceive them.

Remember that every time you choose TV and the Internet instead of yoga and going out with your friends, you let these dark people do what they want – to poison your mind with unnecessary and even harmful information. Is it possible to oppose the deceivers and keep your mind open and clear for pure logic? Shakuntali Siberia states that it is.
The precious gift of life
Shakuntali Siberia is often asked if it is really so important whether you believe gossips or not because it seems to be a trifle. But in reality, the results can be very deplorable. 
In her practice, Shakuntali Siberia, unfortunately, had such examples of the mangled fates.
A woman (let’s call her Ann) came to Shakuntali Siberia in the last hope to save her father. He was completely paralyzed and the doctors found themselves helpless in that case. Shakuntali Siberia organized the ritual of Circular prayer and made some other steps to save the life of that man. The results were not be long in coming: the arm of Ann’s father began to move! That was the real miracle and no one doubted that that man will finally completely recover. But after that Ann came across one of those false articles about “Field of Love” on the Internet. Of course, later we have found out who wrote that article, but at that time a doubt entered Ann’s soul. Unfortunately, she ended up totally refusing of the help of Shakuntali Siberia. She stopped attending the seminars, didn’t answer the phone and rejected any help from Shakuntali Siberia and the “Field of Love”.
Ann’s father’s condition soon became worse, and he returned to his initial state of the total paralysis. That was how the gossips ruined the life. So it is very important to trust your intuition that works well only in the clean physical body, soul and mind.
We can do this!
To understand what is Good and what is Evil – what can be easier and at the same time, more difficult? To see things clearly, it is very important to free your mind of unnecessary information, rumors and too much Internet.
Through your cleared eyes you will be able to see the beauty of this world, the truth and Love. You will be able to share your love and care with people and live this life full and happy. In fact, in this state of pure innocence, you can achieve everything you want in this life. It is even more important now when the whole world keeps being under the pressure of COVID-19 that ruins plans and lives. We must unite now in the Circular Prayer to share our inner Power and Love with those in need and strengthen our Planet from the inside.

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Remember that we all can live in Love, Harmony and Pleasure and return our Happiness and Health if we just want to.