Saving Money on your San Diego Stop

San Diego, CA, US

Exploring San Diego on a Budget

With the town’s all-year round warm weather, sandy beaches and lots of tourist attractions, San Diego is certainly one of the best cities in the world to visit. From water parks, zoos, entertainment centers, down to historic sites and beaches, the town has it all. But this does not mean that you should max out your savings account just to have the best of the city. You can always find great travel deals that will allow you to make your San Diego trip not just unforgettable but cost-efficient as well. Conquer the city’s leading entertainment, shopping and dining district of the city and leave with your pocket still half-full.

“Take the opportunity to get a glimpse on the city’s history and culture by stopping by at the Old Town without spending a penny.”

Savings Tip:

  • You can find the best hotel travel deals if you stay within Imperial Beach, Oceanside or National City. Compared with the lodges in the Downtown area, they have much lower rates. Also, if you visit during the off-season which is around January to March and October-November, you will have more bang for your back. provides all travelers with personalized experiential travel planning and redefines the booking and travel planning experience for today’s travelers.
  • San Diego has a lot of budget-friendly attractions that can allow you to explore not just the best views around the town but its rich history and culture as well. Make sure to spend some time to visit the city’s Old Town. It will not cost you a penny.
  • The town is home to renowned attractions such as San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and San Diego SeaWorld. You can save money by buying discount cards. A Go Card is a multi-attraction pass that can be bought in a fixed price and it can cut the prices of tickets in big attractions in half.
  • Car rental rates in the city are not that expensive but the parking fees are. If you are willing to take public means of transportation, you can save more.
  • Gaslamp Quarter is the place to go if you want to shop, dine and be entertained. You can find in here best buys for your souvenirs or you can just do some window shopping. There are also cheap restaurants and cafes in the place where you can have a taste of the unique blend of the city’s regional cuisine.
  • Some hotels offer a complimentary breakfast. Their rates may be slightly higher than the others but if the food they will serve would suit your taste, you will see that it will help you save much in the long run.

With the San Diego money–saving tips mentioned above, your savings will not be depleted and your vacation can be truly fun.