Safety Precautions for Your Home That Everyone Must Consider


Do you effectively attempt to keep your home a protected place? You should, especially if you have kids. According to findings, 2000 kids under 15 die as a result of injuries in their home. Regardless of whether you don’t have a kid, it’s important to keep things safe.

That doesn’t mean you need to reconstruct your home from the back to the front. Yet, there are basic activities each property holder (and home tenant) can take.

Keep Things Clean 

Apart from cleaning your house to make it look nice, you are also keeping it safe. Often, accidents occur from something as simple as slipping or tripping on a mess that was left on the ground. Additionally, filthiness can attract rats and produce mold, both of which are unsafe.

Install/Test Fire Alarms and CO Monitors 

There are over 350,000 house fires per year. If these aren’t detected immediately, damage, injury, and even death can occur. Most homes and apartments have smoke alarms in place these days, but they often don’t have working batteries in them.  

It is very important that you have working smoke alarms placed around your home within earshot of bedrooms. In addition to smoke detectors, you should have CO detectors as well. 

Carbon monoxide is also known as the silent killer. Over 400 Americans die from CO poisoning, over 20,000 visit the emergency room, and over 4000 are hospitalized, because it’s odorless and invisible, it easily goes undetected without a monitor in place. 

That’s why there should be a CO detector on every floor, placed five feet from the ground. Like fire alarms, they should be placed near bedrooms, as they need to be loud enough to wake you up. 

If you have a separate garage, you should also fix one in the room closest to it.

Keep Your Home Secure  

Home security also protect you and your family apart from protecting your valuables. Break-ins often happen while someone is home. This can lead to a very dangerous confrontation. Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked at night and when you’re home alone. 

A security system is definitely worth considering as well.  

A simpler, yet still effective solution is to add motion lights by your home’s entrances. These are often enough to startle would be robbers and send them on their way.

Stock Up on First-Aid Essentials  

Despite the best precautions, accidents can happen. You should always keep basic first-aid supplies on hand. Here’s a list of a few essentials to get you started: 



Adhesive tape  

Pain Relievers 

Hydrogen Peroxide 




While this list is hardly exhaustive, it should prepare you for most common situations.

Make Sure Your House Address is Visible 

When it comes to serious emergencies, every second counts. If you’ve called an ambulance, police officer, or the fire department, they need to be able to accurately find your home. Having visible address numbers ensures they go to the correct home right away.

Check for Radon 

Carbon monoxide isn’t the main unscented gas you have to stress over. Radon causes 20,000 deaths for each year. While a little radon is basic for most air, 1 of every 15 homes has radon levels that are extremely high. Each home ought to be accessed for radon.

Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Did you realize that garments dryers and clothes washers cause more than 15,000 house fires for every year? By far most of these stem directly from garments dryers. After some time, your dryer vents gather residue and build up. Regardless of whether you clear your build-up trap out between each heap, build-up still happens.

The best way to guarantee your dryer framework is protected is to have it examined and cleaned. This straightforward, moderate procedure enables your machine to run better, and it might spare lives. Keep your home safe. Has your dryer been inspected?

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