Ride the  Streets Of Australia: The Triumph Triple Street 660 LAMS Version and Others in the Series 

All thrill no risk. Triumph Street Triple 660 LAMS in Australia promises the authentic riding experience while adhering to LAMS specifications. Learner Approved Motorbike Scheme (LAMS) was introduced in Australia to reduce the number of beginner rider accidents. These motorbikes are easy to manoeuvre for novices, keeping the bike in their control.

Motorbike manufacturers now produce a line of stand-alone or remodelled variants of their standard models, which adhere to LAMS specifications. These models ensure quality while adhering to safety rules. 

The Triumph Triple Street series aims to fulfil just that requirement. People opting for LAMS bikes won’t feel left out as they will be riding the same models as their experienced counterparts. The Triumph Street Triple 660 LAMS is a power-packed entrant into the bike market. 

Others in The Series

Right from the design to performance, Triumph has a high standard for quality, which is reflected in their latest model as well. The Triumph Street bikes have a powerful engine displacement. This raw power comes from its triple-cylinder engine that pushes boundaries.

The Triumph Street Triple S comes in customisable colours and three variants – the triple S, the Triple R and the Triple RS. This triple Series comes with a lot of impressive features.

The Almighty Engine

When it comes to Triumph, their bikes provide the most adrenaline-charged features on the market. Triumph engines set a standard of their own with incredible horsepower. 

The Triumph Street Triple series offers 16% more peak performance than their previous models in the Triumph family. The Triumph Street Triple series features a triple-cylinder engine (therefore the name), each with four valves. It uses liquid-cooling technology, keeping it lubricated even on constant use over a long period. These engines achieve a maximum power of 11250 rpm at 92.5 to 11750 @ 123 PS, depending on the model. They also have a torque of 66 to 79 Nm @ 9250 rpm depending on the variant. 

These specs give maximum speeds on all roads. The wet multi-plate clutch helps kick all the six gears in motion. The slip and assist system also reduces any tyre chatter or wheel-hop, making for a buttery-smooth ride.

Heart-Stopping Brakes and Tyres

The Triumph Street Triple series comes with a wide enough wheel-base of 1410 mm that ensures the bike is always under the rider’s control. The tyres themselves are the premium quality Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres with treads that offer good grip, reducing the risk of skidding. The metal-alloy wheels are durable and stylish heightening the contemporary look of the body.  

The powerful engine is kept in check by the supreme quality Brembo dual-disc brakes. The disc brakes on the bike have sufficient diameter to allow for steady control even on sudden-application, allowing the rider to manoeuvre through traffic and other obstacles. The Ohlins STX40 with fully adjustable preloads gives ample support at the rear. The Showa adjustable upside-down big-piston fork suspensions at the front add to the smoothness of the ride on all terrain. 

Additional Cool Features

The Triumph Street Triple Series comes additionally with a ‘track’ Riding mode, a lap timer and a quick-shifter for gears. The gullwing swing-arm gives the rider maximum stability at high speeds. These attributes, combined with the powerful engine, turn the road into a racetrack, while the brakes and tyres keep the risk factor in-check. 

The twin-catalyst silencer and the carbon fibre finisher make heads turn as the bike purrs down the road. The bike has a fully digital LED display and a low fuel warning light, that is conducive to night-riding. The headlights are also bright LEDs that increase visibility at night.