Reverse Osmosis Water Filters: Key Features of Providers

Are you looking for a company that offers reverse osmosis water filters? This type of water purification system forces H2O through a membrane/filter to make water less contaminated.

The system is so super-effective it removes 98% of dissolved solids, which makes it ideal if you want the cleanest drinking water possible. While other systems like distillation filters can also be effective, they’re usually less so. 

Here are some of the main features to look for in providers of reverse osmosis (RO) systems:

Industry Experience 

When selecting a company offering RO systems, make sure they have a good amount of experience. In general, this includes decades versus a few years of experience. 

Affordable/Free Shipping

Sometimes free shipping is offered if your order for water purification systems reaches a minimum amount and delivered within Australia. This can save you lots of money that you’d normally have to shell out for big orders. 

Meanwhile, companies also sometimes offer a flat rate for orders under a certain amount. This also makes shipping affordable since you pay the same amount whether your order is 10 AUD or 100 AUD, for example. 


In some cases, people might want to add minerals back to the water to boost the pH level and make it more alkaline. There are accessories available to remineralise RO systems quickly and effectively. Alkaline water can provide various health benefits, including better gut/liver health. 

Product Lines

Look for companies that offer different product lines for home, RV, Caravan, etc. If you want clean water while you’re on the road, it’s a big plus when you can get your RV/Caravan water purification systems from one source.

Even water filtration accessories can be offered by the same companies offering home/RV systems.

Easy Installation

Under-sink filtration systems are one of the most practical types. It’s quite easy to install and maintain. This process essentially gives you an unlimited supply of purified water. It’s still important to learn the details of a particular system to determine ease of use, including installation.

Multi-Stage Filtration 

Look for systems that include multiple stages like 4-stage methods, for example. This process can include methods like de-mineralisation that helps to remove unwanted minerals from tap water. Water filtration can include different numbers of stages, including 2, 3, and 4, for example. 

Here are the general steps in a 4-stage system

  • STAGE 1 – A sediment filter removes stuff like dirt and rust. This helps to protect the carbon filter and improves the water’s taste/appearance.
  • STAGE 2 – A carbon filter is used to remove chlorine. This stage also conditions the water before H2O gets to the water filter.
  • STAGE 3 – This stage involves the reverse osmosis membrane removing organic/inorganic compounds like fluoride. Other stuff removed includes lead, copper, and total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • STAGE 4 – This stage involves a special filter to remove leftover TDS solids from filtered water. Sometimes there are extra steps used to remove remaining TDS from the water.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Some companies offer a money-back guarantee. This could be for 30 days, for example. It helps to make sure you’re a happy customer within the timeframe, and if you aren’t, you can get a full refund. Make sure to read the fine print so you’ll know the details about the offer. 

The water purifier market is worth over $31 billion (2019), according to Allied Market Research. When picking a company offering reverse osmosis water filters, you have many options. Make sure to consider issues like water purification methods, product lines, and customer service. This can help you make every glass of water about as clean as natural mineral springs.