Quick Facts About Pet Plastics You May Not Know

When the world is on the verge of bringing a ban on plastics, there are a few options that are still being used in the food and beverage industries. These are mainly used for packaging purposes. PET plastics, among those, are surging in popularity and for all the right reasons, of course. Even in this downturn of the plastic industry, commercial use is still rising.

Let’s get to know some of the most crucial facts about PET plastics and the truth behind their surging popularity.

  • What is PET?

The full form of PET is polyethylene terephthalate which is originated from the most demanding thermoplastic polymer. If you are familiar with the term ‘polyester’ used in the textile industry, you should also know the fact that the pet plastic cups with lid using the same material indeed.

  • Striking Features of PET made Material:

The most crucial feature of PET plastic is, of course, its viscosity level. Secondly, it is hygroscopic that lets it stay as it is even when the products made from the PET plastic stay as these are. When this plastic is used for the manufacturing of pet plastic cups with lid, it does not require any separate moulding machine as the common one works as the common one will do.

  • Let’s check out the other benefits that separate it from the others:
  • The presence of high flexural modulus makes it quite popular among the other available plastic material.
  • The wear resistance feature of the pet plastic cups with lid does not let the cups crush down too quickly. Instead, one can expect these cups to remain quite strong even after use.
  • Its flexibility makes it more versatile, and that is the reason for which a lot of products of different types are being made using PET plastic.
  • It has shown excellent resistance to the food or liquid beverage stored inside for a long time.

So, if you look at all these benefits discussed above at a glance, you will soon come to know why the pet plastic cups with lid are so popular among the manufacturers as well as the users.

Now, let’s come to the big question that should have certainly popped up in your mind regarding its usage.

  • Are PET Plastics Non-Toxic?

Here is the good news that will undoubtedly delight your mind. PET plastics are indeed a safe choice for both the users and the environment as different health authorities around the world have granted it as non-toxic. So, the pet plastic cups with lid that are being extensively used in the food packaging industry are actually safe for your health.

Also, this particular material has also been declared as microwave food safe. It does not show any signs of biological degradation. And, most importantly, the packages used are completely recyclable and eco-friendly.

Hope you have got the crucial information you were looking for in PET. It can be expected that the advancement of technology will contribute even more to keep on the PET plastic as a desirable choice in the forthcoming times as well.