Pros and Cons of Undermount Kitchen Sinks

If you are on the lookout for a kitchen sink then you will no doubt have seen a huge variety of under-mount kitchen sinks, the most common form of kitchen sink on the market. These sink options are placed into the worktop directly, and they are surrounded by a lip of worktop on all fours sides. In order to help you decide on whether or not this is a sink option which will look and work best in your kitchen, you should first weigh up the pros and cons of this sink option, and we are going to help you do just that.


First off let’s get started with the pros of this type of kitchen sink.

  • Sleek – The first point to mention here is that because of the design of this sink, it will seamlessly flow from the worktop, rather than jutting above or indeed out of the worktop. Looking from a distance you may not even notice this sink, which adds some real style to the overall look of the kitchen.
  • Wiping Food – Crumbs and food waste can easily be wiped straight off the worktop into the sink with this option, with no cracks or exposed rim where crumbs and dirt can hide. This helps to create a more hygienic kitchen space.
  • Easy To Clean – Because you can easily get into this sink it makes cleaning both dishes and the sink itself very easy indeed. This is something which many have in their minds when they decide to purchase this type of sink.
  • Minimalist – Many people are opting for kitchens which appear minimal, but actually have plenty packed inside. In order to get this look, it includes a lot of optical illusions and using the space well, and that is just what this type of sink is able to deliver. You can have a large kitchen sink, yet still, achieve that minimalist look.


This is one of the best kitchen sinks on the market but like others, it isn’t without its slight drawbacks, let’s have a look at the cons.

  • Price – As with many style features, in order to get a wide range of benefits which this type of kitchen sink offers, you are going to have to open up your wallet a little more. These are often the most expensive type of sink, costing between $250-$800.
  • Installation – The hole in the worktop needs to be cut very precisely which can often add some complications to this installation. Those who have stone worktops will find it even more difficult to install this sink in their kitchen.
  • Water – Some condensation can build up under the worktop and the sink which can lead to mould if it is not properly looked after and cleaned. This is not a major concern of course but it is something which you will have to keep in mind if you do decide to opt for this particular sink style.

As you can see this is a wonderful option for your new kitchen sink, prior to diving in, however, just ensure that you fully understand the pros and cons of an under-