There are a wide number of ways you can pursue your MBBS.The most sought aftermethod is to pursue the MMBS course abroad. Having an internationalbasis of education allows for some of the most reliable and advanced learning experiences and infrastructure.

The world has numerous places to offer where one can go and study MBBS and subsequently get a lucrative and well-established job opportunity, whether that be in the foreign nation or back in your home country.
One such place to scope the possibilities of MBBS is Russia. Doing MBBS in Russia can serve as a great opportunity to expand one’s knowledge of the subject and gain much needed practical exposure to the field of medicine.
That being said, every coin has two sides,and the same applies when it comes to study in Russia. There are certain pros and cons when it comes to pursuing MBBS in Russia.

Pros of Doing MBBS in Russia

  • No entrance exams: unlike the eligibility criteria in Indian colleges, when you apply to study in Russia, you will not need to sit for any entrance examinations. The admission into medical colleges is based on first-come,first-serve basis and the performance of the students in their 12nth standard exam. Those securing 60% and above have better chances of getting into their desired Russian university or college.
  • Low-class strength:when doing MBBS in Russia, you will find that the class strength ranges from 12 to 15 students at the most,whichallows each student to receive separate attention and assistance from the professors.
  • International connection: to study in Russia entails that you will inevitably meet and work with those from other countries. This increases international exposure and knowledge.
  • Free tuition: Russia is one of the few countries that offer its international students the opportunity to have free tuition options.This allows a better scope of getting scholarships from the Russian government each year.

Cons of doing MBBS in Russia

  • Language barrier: most of the colleges and universities in Russia are in the native language. This can make it difficult for international students to study in Russia, especially if they do not have any prior introduction to the Russian language.
  • Acceptance: despite its benefits and educational prowess, Russia has almost no ties to the modern western world which can make it very difficult for international students to get acceptance in the country to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Relaxed curriculum: the educational curriculum is quite lax and does not put pressure on the student. This can cause the student to slack off and get distracted with the nightlife and ultimately avoid stress in certain areas in which rigorous practice will be required.
  • Different university tiers: A major confusion arises in selecting a college for MBBS in Russia because of the different tiers of college that exists. Some collegesare purely dedicated to MBBS while others are smaller universities that have faculty for medicine. Many private universities have also recently started having MBBS as a course. This makes decision making a difficult task,especially for international students who are not well versed with the education system of Russia.

No matter which way one looks at this question, the pros and cons of doingMBBS in Russia will always co-exist. The question lies in how well can you as a student manage to accustom to the new environment so that the pros outweigh the disadvantages.
When considering to study in Russia, it is important to look at both the pros and cons in the most logical manner to make the most appropriate and optimum decision.

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