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AWS or Amazon Web Service is one of the fastest-growing fields in the technology industry. This field gained its popularity for producing on-demand and public cloud computing services. Since this rise in popularity, the demand for AWS Developers has reached new heights. Explore all the current AWS jobs in Delhi NCR.

An AWS developer is accountable for setting up, managing, and developing the cloud infrastructure of web applications. These professionals have a deep understanding of the core AWS and, thus, implement the most high-grade practices.

However, before appearing for an interview at any of the AWS jobs in Delhi NCR, or any other region of the world, you must prepare some of the most common AWS Developer interview questions.

Top AWS Developer Interview Questions

What is AMI? What does it include?

AMI stands for Amazon Machine Image. It is an AWS template that provides the information to perform the launch of an instance. This AMI is a copy of the AMI that is working in the cloud as a virtual server. Instances can be launched from as many different AMIs as needed.

AMI includes:

  • A root volume template for a present instance
  • Launch permits to define which AWS accounts will get the AMI to begin the instances
  • Mapping for block device to determine the total volume that will be assigned to the instance at the time of launch.

What is the link between AMI and Instance?

One AMI can launch different types of instances. The type of instance usually controls the hardware elements of the master computer that is utilized for the instance. Each type of instance has distinguished computing as well as memory ability. Once an instance is launched, it molds itself as a host and the user communication with it is identical to any other computer but we have absolutely guided access to our instances.

What are the features of Amazon EC2 services?

  • Virtual Computing Environments
  • Proffers Persistent storage volumes
  • Firewall validating you to specify the protocol
  • Pre-configured templates
  • A static IP address for dynamic Cloud Computing

What are the best practices for securing Amazon Ec2 instances?

Least Access: You must ensure that your EC2 instance has limited access to the instance as well as to the network. Give access authority only to trusted entities.

Least Privilege: Take into account the necessary policy of least privilege for instances and users to perform the functions. Create roles with limited access to the instances.

Configuration Management: Contemplate every EC2 instance a configuration item and employ AWS configuration management services to have a baseline for the arrangement of the instances as these services involve renewed anti-virus software as well as security features.

What is the use of the buffer in AWS?

The buffer manages load with the synchronization of different elements i.e. to execute system fault-tolerant. In the absence of buffer, elements do not use any impartial method to receive or process requests. But the buffer makes components to work in an equitable manner and also at the same speed. This results in faster services.

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