February 8, 2023

After experiencing dorm life your freshman year of college, you might be curious about your other housing options. You might be craving a little more freedom. As a college student at a major university like Rutgers, you have a few options. 

Living in an off-campus apartment could be a game-changer for your college experience.

Continue reading to learn five of the benefits of living in Rutgers off-campus housing.

1. Rent Is Likely Less Than Student Housing Fees

While you might think an apartment is surely more expensive than student housing, you’d be wrong. With an apartment, you don’t have to pay extraneous fees that you would on campus. Plus, you pay your rent month to month as opposed to paying a bulk sum for the semester. 

Furthermore, you are going to get more bang for your buck with off-campus housing. For the same price, you would pay for communal bathrooms and a shared bedroom with no kitchen, you could get your own bedroom, bathroom with roommates, and full kitchen. Do some research on nearby off-campus apartments for rent to see potential options in your budget. 

2. Not Chained to an Expensive Meal Plan

When you live in the dorms, you usually have to also pay for an expensive meal plan. When you live off-campus (and have access to a full kitchen), you can start cooking for yourself and save money in the process. Not to mention, you’ll have more control over the food you eat and when you eat.

3. A Break From Campus Life

One of the main reasons to live off-campus is the break from campus life. Sometimes, while living on campus, it can feel like you never get a break from school. This can lead to burnout.

While off-campus housing is close to campus, it’s far enough away to feel like you are actually leaving. This will make your weekends feel much more like a break from school.

4. More Freedom Off-Campus

When you live off-campus, you have so much more freedom. This means no curfews and no silly restrictions to things like candles and hot plates. 

And if you want out-of-town friends to visit, you won’t have to fill out any guest forms. Plus, you’ll actually have space to accommodate them.

5. A Chance to Decorate and Make Your Apartment YOUR Home

In the dorms, you can decorate your walls with pictures and choose your bedspread, but that’s about it. In an apartment, you can choose your furniture and really make it your own. Decorating your apartment can also be a bonding experience with your roommates. 

Benefits to Rutgers Off-Campus Housing

There are many benefits of living in Rutgers off-campus housing. Above everything else, living in off-campus housing is a big step in becoming an adult. After all, this is the first time your name is on the lease.

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