Pioneering benefits of aerospace technology

         . Cellphone cameras

Mobile phone cameras have rendered digital cameras obsolete and we are indebted to the National aeronautics and space administration for this fantastic feature that has altered the course of both telephony and photography alike. Compact cameras were first designed to fit into spacecrafts by the Jet propulsion laboratory. Today, it has taken the world by storm. Nearly a quarter of the world’s population is using this very technology!

  • Advanced cosmetics

A lot of advanced skin creams and serums boast of regenerating new skin cells. Guess where the technology came from? NASA scientists founded these biomolecules with the use of a rotating vessel wall bioreactor. This gave rise to innumerable professional skincare solutions. Companies like Obagi use this technology in the reduction of age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

  • Water purification

Water filtration system and the development of new technologies in the same is directed and managed by NASA. During long space missions, scientists were challenged with the problem of filtering used water, when lo and behold, it fostered a ground-breaking technology that was aimed at treating contaminated water. Today, it is also used for supplying water in regions of the world that face scarcity of this life-preserving resource.

  • Workouts

NASA developed spacesuits to shield astronauts from heat and humidity which conveniently, also proves to be handy for athletes. Exercise cuffs were designed to minimize sweat, fatigue, and pain.

  • 3-D video for surgeries

NASA also developed the first brain surgery endoscope which is an instrument that is inserted into the body and gives a view of the internal parts, resulting in both fast and safe surgery.

  • Clean sustainable energy

It helps in creating devices that effectively reduce the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. Spinoff materials are published by companies like Sonovision USA on the logistics and supply of aerospace-related equipment.

  • Protection from natural calamities

NASA developed fluid-based shock absorbers that could eliminate fuel and electrical remnants from spacecraft at the time of launch. This same technology is now exploited in the absorption of seismic energy which has successfully safeguarded hundreds of buildings in regions that are prone to earthquakes.

  • Prosthetics

Again, this has been made possible due to repeated funding and research conducted by NASA which lead to the building of human and animal artificial limbs. Temper foam technology is utilized for enabling personalized material that closely resembles human flesh and prevents friction between human skin and robotics.