For the last 3 years, Oleg and Elena Likhach have been living in the underworld. The husband and wife have visited many places in China and now live in the south of the country, near Hong Kong in the city of Shenzhen. It describes the personal impression and vision of China.

Often tourists wonder how safe it is to travel in China. Elena thought about an exciting topic for the second or third month of living in this country. At first, I was more in a euphoric state from the amazing traditions, the environment. At first, the issue of risks did not concern me at all. It was only by chance that we came across this topic that we thought whether China is really a safe enough country for a foreigner.

What did our friend tell us?

My friend went in for sports, looking for herself in the field of martial arts. By occupation, she often had to go to training and meet with the local population. One day, the coach of the group in which a friend was engaged came to training in a gloomy mood. The man was holding a newspaper in his hands. The teacher told the group members that the journalists had published an article about an unusual story that happened the other day. According to the teacher, the story is terrible and the group

excited, holding her breath to hear something unusual.

It turned out that the girl was walking along a pedestrian crossing and holding a smartphone in her hands. A young man ran past, and unexpectedly for the girl, pulled the gadget out of the unfortunate hands. Then headlong, the thief darted away. The coach told a disturbing story with indignation, worrying, indignant at the situation. It became obvious to her friend: the Chinese are not accustomed to stealing on the street…

In the group, colleagues groaned, horrified by the sad news. My friend was surprised to herself. In Stavropol, such stories happen more than once a day. The thieves who grab bags from the hands of girls will not surprise any of the Russians. The coach continued to be surprised and considered it necessary to develop self-defense techniques among the group members. The teacher set out to improve the level of security in the city by doing his bit by training the youth. The group agreed to train, fully sharing the opinion of the terrible story with the trainer.

We live in Shenzhen city. We are talking about security in this interesting corner of the country. Here, the townspeople have this almost innate sense of calm, at the genetic level, laid down since childhood. Taking out a phone from a bag or pocket, at home, the instinct of self-preservation, the desire to protect gadgets from intruders, usually involuntarily turns on. There were no negative situations in the Chinese city. Returning home, even alone without a husband, you intuitively do not expect a dirty trick on a dark street even at three in the morning. Not scary! Although some may be confused only by the lighting of the lanterns. China is somewhat different from other countries in a different approach to street lighting. The parks are pretty dark. Security is achieved with video cameras. Cameras are poked like seeds on every corner. The powerful care of the state greatly weakens the stranger. Arriving home, the tourist forgets about vigilance.