Pennsylvania Video Poker and Parx Casino are a Winning Pair

Online gambling is legal in Pennsylvania for any adult over the age of 21. Fun games like Pennsylvania video poker can be enjoyed at Parx Casino and other online gaming venues. Players enjoy the video poker games at Parx because they are easy to play and give everyone a great chance to win. Parx Casino is the number one destination for online video poker.

Introducing Video Poker

You are probably familiar with regular poker. Video poker is much the same except you are only playing the house. There is no need to bluff in order to win a hand. You just need to be dealt winning combinations.

Video poker terminals are very similar to slot machines. The difference is that video poker only uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards for its symbols. There are no other combinations to make besides winning poker hands.

The History and Evolution of Video Poker

Video poker started to appear in Las Vegas casinos around 1970. The games then mainly consisted of Jacks or Better. Later other varieties of the game were created. Today video poker machines take up a sizable portion of a live casino.

Today it is possible to play Pennsylvania video poker online with Parx Casino. The games are based on the classic video poker machines. Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild remain popular choices.

Playing online has its advantages. Players don’t need to leave home in order to enjoy the game, and winnings can be immediately withdrawn and sent to a player’s bank account.

The Rules of Video Poker

The rules of Pennsylvania video poker are simple. That is one of the reasons that players seem to enjoy it so much. Players begin by making a minimum wager. This starting bet can be as low as a nickel or as much as four dollars or more. Once the wager has been made the player is dealt five cards.

The player can choose to keep any or all of the five cards they have been dealt or draw a new card. Only one draw is permitted. After the player has drawn their card a payout is awarded for any qualifying hand. In most cases the player must have a pair of jacks or better to receive a payout.

Hands of greater value pay out more winnings. A full house, for example, is worth more than a flush. The jackpot hand is a royal flush. This is the hand that will pay out the most.

Mobile Video Poker Games

Parx Casino has taken video poker to new levels by offering players a mobile version of the game. Those who don’t want to use a desktop or a laptop computer can download an app for their Android or iOS device.

Playing video poker on a phone or tablet allows players to enjoy the game wherever they are. All the same features of Pennsylvania video poker at Parx Casino are available on the mobile version of the game.

With so many games to choose from it is no surprise that Parx Casino is preferred by online players in Pennsylvania.