Overlooked but Valuable features To Look for In the Best Ethernet Cables

Buying an Ethernet cable is not an easy task with all the options available. Generally, two aspects are considered while choosing a network cable – Cable quality and price. As price is conspicuous, how will you assess network cable quality? Assurance of network cable quality will avoid frequent replacement that can be caused because of poor quality.

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Features of best Ethernet cable

Passes Fluke test

A most authoritative criterion considered for validating the cable quality is the Fluke test. It includes channel testing and patch cord testing for network patch cables, as well as permanent link testing [bulk network cables]. Cables that pass patch cord testing deliver high performance. Avoid vendors that don’t provide a fluke test report!

Has low crosstalk [Electromagnetic interference]

Low crosstalk defines good performance! The twist rate will determine crosstalk significantly. Tighter twisted pair means lower crosstalk. Remember every 4-twisted pairs with different twist rates minimizes the crosstalk between pairs.

Shielding also influences crosstalk. FTP cable has extra shielding wrapped, so it reduces crosstalk from neighboring cables. SFTP has shield and foil, so low interference.

Oxygen-free copper wire

The copper conductor uses impact Ethernet cable prices. Copper purity determines quality. Pure copper means less loss of signals. The price order in terms of copper purity in descending order is –

  • Oxygen-free copper wire
  • Pure copper wire
  • Bare copper wire
  • Copper-clad aluminum

For high performance choose oxygen-free copper and for cost, saving opt for copper-clad aluminum wire.

Is designed with 50µm Gold Plated Connectors

Contact or connector material used in the cable plug is crucial to maintain a constant signal. Aluminum and silver are extremely oxidizable but not gold. Gold is durable and helps to achieve a strong signal connection.

The frequent replacement of cables gets eliminated with gold plated connectors. However, the gold plating has to be sufficiently thick and 50 microns is great for stable and fast internet connection.

Flame retardant jacket

Flame retardant cables resist spreading fire in a new region. Non-flame-retardant cables cannot, so for safety concern choose cables with the flame-retardant feature.

There are also other factors to consider like cable compatibility, length, and color.

Best Ethernet cable = Performance value over its cost!