Our Top DFS Site Picks for 2020


In 2019, there were over 45 million fantasy sports players in the U.S.

American sports fans are craving that extra bit of competition and cash when going into gamedays.

But what are the best DFS sites? And where are the best fantasy football DFS sites?

That’s what we’ll be taking a look at today. In this article, we’ll be outlining what DFS is and how you can go about finding the best DFS site for you.

What Is a DFS Site?

DFS stands for daily fantasy sports. You essentially become a general manager of your own pretend professional sports team and compete against your friends to get the most points.

In fantasy sports, you get points for how the players you selected for your mock team performs in real life. The chance to make crucial lineup decisions before gameday and watching your choices play out makes for endless fun.

Daily fantasy puts the fun in preparing and executing the best fantasy team into a daily process. You do everything you’d normally do in fantasy – create the ideal roster and outscore your friends – but just in a smaller time frame.

With DFS, your Monday night football experience suddenly becomes way more exciting.

What’s the Difference Between DFS and Sports Betting?

People are quick to draw similarities between DFS and sports betting.

You indeed need some skill to put together good rosters just as you do for betting. But the meat and potatoes of DFS are betting not just on players and scores, but on the statistical attributes of players and teams.

With DFS, you’ll be keeping an eye on the stat sheets to get points. How many yards did Christian McCaffrey rush for? How many picks did Mitch Trubisky throw?

In short, it’s not just about which team won and which team lost.

Is DFS Legal in The U.S.?

Daily fantasy sports are legal in at least two dozen states, and that number continues to rise. While there’s no definitive national position on DFS, it’s generally an accessible option for most American sports fans.

Arizona, Montana, and Washington do not allow DFS in their states. At least 40 other states, however, are all viable for DFS.

If DFS is available in your state, there’s no reason not to try it. In the next section, we’ll be looking at the best DFS sites available today.

What Is the Best DFS Site? 

When it comes to defining the best DFS sites, there are a few key considerations such as safety, security, and of course, how fun it is to play.

These next several sites for DFS deliver on those categories while providing big promotions, contests, and a smooth mobile experience:


FanDuel is one of the most user-friendly DFS platforms out there. They offer fantasy services for all of your major North American sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Fans can get right into the action, as FanDuel offers dozens of contests every single day. Their massive paydays are accompanied by a friendly UI and a superb mobile app.

FanDuel lives up to its name by offering tons of individual prizes and awards. You can enter Single Game contests, Quick Picks, and Survivor tournaments. They even crown a World Champion for football, basketball, and baseball every year.

Credit cards and PayPal are both accepted, making payouts simple and secure. Withdrawals are processed on the same day and you won’t have to cover the fees.

FanDuel offers an excellent DFS experience for virtually any sports fan in the U.S.


ThriveFantasy goes a step further than most DFS sites by letting you enter contests for both North American sports leagues (like the NFL and MLB) as well as eSports leagues.

That means you can play fantasy games for competitive gaming tournaments, including for games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. You can play in traditional DFS contests as well as versus matches.

Their mobile app is slick and easy to maneuver on both iOS and Android. New customers even get a $50 deposit bonus just for signing up.

In terms of variety, there just aren’t many other DFS sites better than ThriveFantasy.

Draft Kings

Draft Kings is arguably one of the most recognizable names in DFS. Their excellent set of services has launched its brand into the public spotlight.

But why is it so popular? It has a great selection of bonuses, prize pools, and freerolls across all major sports. You can enter tournaments, head-to-heads, and a handful of other game types to test your DFS might.

A great feature is Late Swap, which lets you make last-minute roster changes. This means you can sub in different players right before a game starts.

You also get rewarded with points for completing daily missions and contests. These can be redeemed in either cash or other prizes. With a slick mobile app and a reliable payment system to boot, Draft Kings is one of the “kings” of DFS.


Don’t have time to find the best DFS research sites to optimize your lineup? We get you.

Some nights you don’t feel like digesting a full lineup of games, or you just want to put some money on a key matchup but nothing else. PrizePicks is here for you, offering quick and easy contests that still reward you with big prizes.

Instead of focusing on statistics, PrizePicks just lets you use fantasy points. There’s only one game type you can play in which you select two over/under for two different teams.

You can pick more than two, and the payout is bigger the more you wager. With a convenient mobile app and a reliable deposit-withdrawal system, PrizePicks is an excellent option when you just want a relaxing DFS experience.

Monkey Knife Fight

If you’re looking for something outside of the traditional DFS formula, Monkey Knife Fight is the site for you. Here, you don’t compete against other players, you compete against the house.

What does that mean? You essentially play different games by picking props and the amount you want to play for.

For example, an Over/Under game might let you choose between two quarterbacks – Tom Brady and Daniel Jones. You pick 300 passing yards for Tom and 250 for Daniel. If you get the over/under right for both, you get the payout you wagered.

While Monkey Knife Fight doesn’t have a mobile app at this time, it might be what you need if you’re in a DFS funk.

Find the Best DFS Sites Today

Spice up your gamedays by signing up for a DFS site or introduce some extra competition with your friends. Leverage this article to choose the best DFS site for you.

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