Many people do not believe that oral hygiene and dental health are directly associated with mental health, and due to dental anxiety, people do not visit dentists. People fear visiting dentists because of a traumatic experience in the past or any other reason. It is essential to take care of one’s dental hygiene by visiting a dentist nearby. If one lives in Chatswood, regularly visiting a dentist in Chatswood will ensure there are no problems. Regular cleaning must ensure teeth are professionally cleaned to get the plaque that is difficult to get rid of with routine daily brushing.

It is pretty standard for most people to have Dental anxiety, which prevents them from getting their oral problems checked. Dentists certainly know how to handle their patients with care and understand their worries, helping them calm down a bit before the procedure.

Reasons for Dental Anxiety:

There could be many reasons why a person faces a lot of anxiety when it comes to visiting a dentist in Chatswood or any other place, for that matter. Following are a few possible reasons:

  • A fear of dental tools or any underlying fear of medical-related tools.
  • A past encounter with the dentist could have gone wrong, traumatising the patient.
  • Parents could have used dentists in the name of fear, and the individual now associates dentists with fear.
  • The person could have seen a fellow family member undergo a lot of trauma concerning their dental treatments.
  • The sound of the drill or smell of the alcohol-based cleaning medicine could induce anxiety.

How to overcome Dental Anxiety:

  • Have a proper dialogue with the dentist: Having an honest conversation with the dentist will reduce half the individual’s anxiety and panic. Many dentists understand the level of fear a person can have, and they will speak to them and explain the process such that they can understand the entire procedure instead of panicking.
  • Sanitation and Disinfection to be followed: Most people, especially at a time like this where the risk of COVID is high, often fear visiting the dentist as they do not prefer going outdoors. It is always better to call the dentist office once to confirm with them if they follow the standard procedure to sanitise and disinfect the entire office and all the dental chair surfaces and the equipment used. Make sure to wash hands frequently, at least for 20 seconds. Wear a face mask to the appointment and check if the dentist and their staff are wearing their PPE kits as it is as per the regulations imposed by the government.
  • Plan the Dental Appointment: This is one of the biggest tricks to calm down the nerves, plan the doctor’s appointment. It will save a slot in the dentist’s busy schedule and give the person some time to sit and think about it. They can go about doing their research about the procedure, and take time to collect their thoughts.
  • Learn how to avoid contamination: The best way not to be anxious about the spread of the virus is to learn methods to safeguard oneself from the contamination. Always maintain 6 feet distance. Make sure not to touch any surface unnecessarily, and avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth after touching any surface. Make sure to carry a sanitiser and periodically sanitise hands; this will certainly help.