Online consultations: Benefits for Our health

Online consultations are increasingly common and, while not entirely replacing traditional face-to-face consultations, can be beneficial in many situations. Search this link to find out which one suits you.

The fear of our health has led to a reduction in the demand for face-to-face consultations, forcing health institutions to find alternatives. Online consultations , already available before, observed an unparalleled growth, assuming itself as an alternative in face of the need for distance and social isolation. 

But everything indicates that this is a trend that is here to stay, given the demonstrated advantages.  In this article, we present you eight benefits of online consultations for your health (and beyond).

More convenient and faster

You can’t miss work or need to take care of your children? With online consultations , these and other factors are no longer an obstacle, since the consultation can be carried out from home, the workplace or even while traveling. 

It is only necessary to have access to the necessary technology – telephone or computer – and that the patient and doctor are available at the agreed time, so that they can interact. Contrary to what happens in a face-to-face consultation, you do not need to travel, park or wait for your turn. Just receive the call at the agreed time, without having to leave the comfort of your home, bed or sofa.

Saves time and money on travel

As you do not have to travel, with online consultations you will save on fuel and parking or, if applicable, on the price of public transport, which allows the consultation to be more economical than a traditional consultation. 

It also saves the time needed to travel and to wait for an appointment in a waiting room, which means that you have more free time to do other things, be it working, being with your children or going to the gym, for example. As the old maxim says, “time is money”, so it saves twice.

Accessible to vulnerable people and in remote areas

In an online consultation , the physical location of the patient and doctor is indifferent, just having a quality internet connection, an operational computer or smartphone and availability for the appointment at the appointed time. This means that it is possible to have an appointment with a specialist who works away from your area of ​​residence. 

It also means that this type of consultation is accessible to those who live in remote geographic regions or in areas with poor access to the health system. In addition, bedridden people, with reduced mobility or comorbidity, can thus have easier access to medical supervision and benefit from diagnosis and treatment that would otherwise be more difficult.

Less risk of contamination

Online consultations are particularly important to protect vulnerable people and groups at risk, keeping them at home while ensuring the continuity of medical care they need. As they are places with a large number of patients, the waiting rooms of clinics and hospitals represent a risk of contamination with infectious diseases. By making an appointment online , this risk is avoided, something particularly important in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, to preserve the health of patients and healthcare professionals. 

Faster booking

The waiting time for an online consultation tends to be shorter than for a traditional consultation. On the other hand, booking itself is usually easier, with some hospitals and clinics making booking online available .

Contextualized evaluation

Online consultations allow the doctor to observe the patient in his home environment which, in some situations, can be advantageous in providing important clues for diagnosis and / or treatment. For example, an allergist may be able to identify factors that cause allergies, while a neurologist or occupational therapist may be able to assess the patient’s ability to orient themselves at home and take care of themselves. Also in the area of ​​mental health, this possibility can be an advantage, whenever the patient feels safe at home, in order to establish an environment of trust in which he can speak at ease with the doctor.

Ease of contact with family members

Online consultations can be a solution for cases where it is important to contact a patient’s family member, in order to ask for information or provide some kind of support. Since the family member can live in a distant area or is not available to go to the office, the remote contact can make their participation possible, in order to clarify doubts, ask questions to the doctor or take note of his recommendations. In this way, the patient can feel supported despite the physical distance of the relative.

Faster access to medication

The use of online consultation can facilitate access to medication, particularly when it comes to renewing a regular prescription to manage a chronic illness. In these cases where there is already a relationship between doctor and patient and a good knowledge of the clinical situation, telemedicine can be a resource solution, by simplifying access to medical prescriptions, which can be sent via email or sms. With the electronic prescription, the patient can easily go to the pharmacy or even request the home delivery service, without having to leave the house.