New Mexico Birth Certificate

Increased controversy over immigration, and with New Mexico being on the border, having a New Mexico birth certificate is more important than ever. There are no reports of random citizens being asked to prove they are United States citizens, but there are some situations where you will need a copy of your birth certificate.  At the border itself there may be questions, but as long as you have some identification, even a drivers’ license, you should not have any trouble.

You do not need to carry your birth certificate around. Most people put them away in a safe place, and sometimes forget where that safe place is. getting a New Mexico Birth Certificate from the state is not all that hard as long as you can establish you were in fact born in the state, and that you are the real person you are claiming to be.

You need the Birth Certificate to establish who you are, and to get documents of other kinds. Here are some situations where you will need it

Travel. Especially if you want to go over the border into Mexico, you will need a tourist card or passport.  That will be true of any country you visit, and having a copy of your New Mexico Birth Certificate is needed there.

Driving. You will need to present a copy of your birth certificate to get a New Mexico drivers license. In some cases other identification is acceptable.

Voting. You must present a copy of your birth certificate when you register to vote.  Voter ID is not usually required, but you can use another form of ID for actual voting. It is required at registration, however.

School. You must have a copy of a birth certificate to register your children for school when they begin attending school.  Adults attending college must have a certificate when they enroll at a college.

Marriage. You must have a birth certificate to get married in the state. The marriage license itself is an important document, so you need to establish your identity for certain.

Sports. Anytime you have to establish your age, a copy of your birth certificate will be needed. This is especially true for children’s sports where ages must be verified. Children are put in certain groups by age, and that is established with the birth certificate.

Social Security Card. You will need the birth certificate to get the social security card and to get benefits when you retire.