New In St. Louis? Here are 11 Best Restaurants You Must Try

Traveling is a great way to experience life in different areas because you will get to live within the environment that the locals live in and even get to try the food that they’d usually eat. Whether you are traveling as a tourist or you are on assignment with a designated corporate housing St Louis, you should always reserve time to try out the top restaurants of the city that you’re visiting.

When going to St. Louis, there are many places that you can go to if you are looking for something great to eat. We’ve narrowed them down to the top 11.

1. Mac’s Local Eats

This unassuming dive bar will serve you with the best burgers that you will ever eat. They have locally sourced ingredients so you get the full experience of eating in St. Louis.

2. Publico

Are you looking for a Central American or South American restaurant? You’ll get both at Publico. They also have lighter meals available for those that are busy with work and just want to take their food to their corporate housing St Louis.

3. Louie

Any local will tell you that Louie is the place to go to when you first step foot into St. Louis. The look may be casual, but the food will taste spectacular.

4. Blues City Deli

There’s a reason why there’s always a long line. They have the best sandwich that you will ever take a bite out off of. This deli is definitely worth the wait.

5. Sardella

High-quality ingredients are what they’ll be able to boast at Sardella. This modern Italian restaurant has a lot of inventive seasonal dishes for you to try out.

6. Vicia

Are you interested in trying something unique? Go to Vicia and opt for the chef’s tasting menu. Whether you’re looking for a quick eat or a long sit down to appreciate the food, Vicia’s the place to go.

7. Union Loafers

Looks can be really deceiving. The food at Union Loafers may seem like they look so similar, but the taste will really set them apart from each other and they all taste great.

8. Reeds American Table

Are you looking for a no-nonsense restaurant with a classic menu that you can order from without even looking? Try the St. Louis take on your favorite American dish.

9. Salt + Smoke

If you’re trying to avoid the long lines that are usually associated with the restaurants in this list, Salt + Smoke is the place to go. Even when you consider this, you still leave with a happy tummy.

10. Good Fortune

Good Fortune offers you great tasting food. If you are looking for American-Chinese cuisine that will take your tongue for a trip, reserve your table at Good Fortune.

11. Southwest Diner

Talk to a local off the street and ask them what their top 3 diners are in the area. You’ll definitely hear Southwest Diner somewhere in there. The aesthetic and food are both tremendous.

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