Morganite And The Right Choices Now

Morganite or beryllium aluminosilicate belongs to the beryl family like emerald and aquamarine, but the compound is enriched with manganese or cesium, which give the stone a typical exceptional color. It was originally referred to only as pink beryl, pink-purple beryl, pink emerald, or cesium beryl. It got its current name at the beginning of the 20th century after the discovery of Madagascar deposits. The name was given to him by George Kunz, who in 1910 wanted to pay tribute to his friend and customer JP Morgan, who, among other things, caused the geological collections of the New York and Paris Museum of Natural History to flourish.

After its discovery at the end of the 19th century, Morganite began to be mined in Madagascar, where mainly pink-colored stones come from. Another important destination is Brazil, which exports mainly peach-colored gems. The mines are also located in China, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Russia, Zimbabwe and the United States California and Maine. Thailand is especially famous for grinding these fine pastel gems. Due to the beautiful color shades of morganite, it stands out best on jewelry made of white gold, but on the other hand, it also brightens the warm tones of yellow gold beautifully. However, it forms an ideal pair with rose gold in romantic jewelry in the style of tone in tone. You can now get the Morganite Rings there now.

How to Buy Morganite

Morganite became famous mainly as a pastel-colored gemstone in soft light shades of pink, purple pink and orange-pink. Although light shades are the basis, some stones also stand out with strong tones of color.

Color: The most important criterion for determining the quality of morganite is color. The range ranges from pink and pink-purple to peach and salmon, with the first two shades considered by today’s market to be the most fashionable. Peach and salmon coloring is also very popular, as many jewelers consider untreated stones in these tones to be much more valuable than those in perfect shade obtained artificially. Almost all morgans stand out with soft pastel colors, but the larger ones are characterized by more pronounced and richer tones. Precisely because of the warm pastel shades, morganites are so popular in the world of jewelry. One of the most requested colors is pure pink. Purple-pink morganites from Madagascar, which are among the rarest, also rarely appear, because the deposits there are already mined.

Purity or Clarity of Morganite:

Like other stones from the beryl family waving morganite naked eye visible inclusions and deliver unique clarity. Inclusions are thus rare, mostly fluid or biphasic, and resemble either hollow or fluid-filled needles or fingerprints. Due to the less frequent presence of visible inclusions, they do not lose the value of morganity “decorated” with small needles, which evoke raw silk, and collectors and goldsmiths often look for them. Not completely translucent gems are often carved or cut like cabochons.

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Cut and Shape of Morganite

Morganite has a distinct pleochroism from pale to deep blue-pink shades it must therefore be oriented very carefully when grinding. A job well done will help to shine morganite with fine pastels. Distinctive colors are not typical for this stone, so gems are usually quite large to achieve the best tone. Morganite is cut into all standard shapes especially as an oval, pillow, emerald, pear and awning, but there are also unique designs based on the rich imagination of the designers.

Morganite Processing

Morganite almost always undergoes heat treatment to improve color. This treatment is not detectable. The heat destroys the yellow or orange tinge and leaves the stone in a cleaner and more attractive shade of pink. The resulting color also does not fade and the stone is much more stable. Heating takes place at relatively low temperatures only around 400 ° C. Morganas with a large number of internal imperfections are treated with a special oil that hides these shortcomings. Buyers should never hesitate and ask about the modifications the stone has undergone.

Given that morganite is mined in only a few places, it is clear that synthetic variations of pink gemstone are also appearing on the market. They are manufactured by wel, for example, by Biros of Australia.

The Price

The value of morganite depends mainly on the intensity and saturation of the color and also on its size and purity. Morganite is naturally especially proud of its light pastel tones, so intense deep colors are more of a rarity. The subtle shade allows the perfect cut and larger size to stand out. Peach and salmon colors are gaining in popularity because they often do not undergo heat treatment, so collectors can rely on the fact that their morganite was actually created by nature without human intervention.

Myths and Legends

Morganite is a relatively new gemstone, discovered only recently, at the end of the 19th century, so no ancient stories or legends are associated with it. However, beryllium varieties, including morganite, have a long pedigree that dates back to ancient Egypt. In history, morganite is referred to as the “pink rose” and did not get its current name until 1911. Ancient literature states that morganite was used in the past to promote merriment and the flourishing of conjugal love.

Morganite and Its Effects

Wearing morganite, especially as a piece of jewelry, evokes a feeling of peace, joy and inner strength. Long-term wearing of this gemstone promotes self-confidence and strength, which is based on a constant awareness of connection to the love of God. Morganite also helps maintain balanced behavior, especially for people with mental or emotional problems or physical illness who tend to be hostile to others. It also promotes equality in all types of relationships and develops effective but loving communication and expression.

This gemstone has a positive effect on young girls entering puberty who do not have a mother, as well as young women suffering from eating disorders. At the same time, it relieves stress, reduces the pressure to provide the best possible performance and reduces avoiding solutions to complicated situations or hiding the head in the sand. Morganite offers a connection to the gem’s past, to who used it and how, and to the structure of other worlds. You can take it to help in trying to understand all aspects of love. This stone further represents the purity of being and the renewal of potential. Morganite strengthens the inner eye and is therefore often used as a crystal ball.