Mini roulette, what is behind the senses?

Mini roulette brings lots of fun and is clearly regarded as must-try for every individual who adores playing the traditional roulette. Even though, it does not offer as many betting options as traditional variations of roulette, it is still a very good alternative to all gamblers.

In this game, betting range is limited to its minimum, which means it all looks very simple and table layout is less complex. In case if zero appears, half of the bet will be given back to the player, which reduces house edge further to benefit player in a better way.

Features and differences of mini roulette and traditional ones

Features of Mini roulette make the prime difference comparing to any type of traditional roulettes. There is complete difference between the sizes of the wheel, table layout, amount of numbers and there are far fewer betting options. Here are the prime ones:

There are 12 numbers excluding zero.

There are only four numbers for column bets.

Chances include only Red/Black, Even/Odds.

Probability is completely different compare to any type of traditional roulettes.

In case if zero appears on the wheel, other bets are split in half and this half is given back to the player.

Payout on number and zero are different.

Probability percentage and payouts are completely different.

When it comes to probability and payouts, this is a competently different story. It can be presented as follows:

Bet type



Straight up















Half dozen









The chances of getting a zero in mini roulette are also higher than in traditional roulettes. This is all due to the fact that there are 12 remaining numbers instead of 36 hence probability of it to appear are far more frequent but the payout is lower too.

Tips to master the game and win

It is roughly similar to the traditional roulette. However, when it comes to playing numbers, it will appear more frequently. Zero will appear also more frequently, so people should bear in mind this fact at all times. The following strategies can be used to win:

Martingale strategy assumes usage of negative progression, when after the loss, the same bet is made and it is doubled and so on before win recovers losses and brings the rewards.

Paroli is the opposite of Martingale when wins are doubled and in case of losses, a player uses the same amount of stake next time.

Labouchere is when a player waits for a sequence of numbers to appear first and then plays the opposite by doubling if loss takes place.

Fibonacci is referred to the sequence of numbers and when the following number is greater than the previous by the same amount.

Mini roulette is a high frequency game, which allows to commit many turns. For that reason, a player has to kick start with small amounts, which may be defined only as 2% of the whole sum that an individual is prepared to put at stake. Then, doubling strategy will bring the rewards. However, it has to be remembered that this is purely about risk and rewards.