Messenger Bot Agencies Using Giveaway Bots: Ways to Double your Money

Usually, leads come into your email autoresponder, and you send them a crusade for a couple of days with the expectation that the leads will buy towards its finish, hoping that your effort will bear fruits. But not today, indeed, it’s incredible to have the right email autoresponder, but we can do more with today’s technology. 

In today’s digital age, we need straight answers, and are more fretful compared to their times in recent memory. Your customers need to work with, responsive companies. In this article, we will demonstrate a couple of ways people can attract clients with incorporations and bots before we show the five ways to double the company’s income using Messenger or chatbots in one month. 

We need to tackle the myth that business owners need to be knowledgeable about technology to design and build a chatbot; they really do not. When we are young, we do not stop learning different things because we have no fear of failing. The only thing that is stopping people from designing a messenger or chatbots right now is False, Evidence, Appearing, and Real or F.E.A.R.

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Giveaway bots

Most people that are in this industry heard about giveaways in a lot of situations. From newspapers and television to social media and magazines. But what if things were a little different? What if you can encourage Internet users to share more? It is called the “Snowball Effect.” As you start your giveaways, there might be some struggles to gain entry, especially if you have not audience yet. 

But investing some of your hard-earned money into social media, especially Facebook Ads, can give you the jumpstart that you need. Be careful about asking other people to tag their social media friends for more entries, especially tagging them on the original post. 

It is a gray area when you are using Messenger. The best way is to do a referral process in Manychat. It means that when they enter the platform, they will be encouraged to share with people they know to get more entries. You can control all the factors inside messaging platforms. 

Some companies used this method and generated more or less $100,000 in 14 days for one event and spend $150 on an advertisement. That is a $99,850 return on your $150 investment. You might be asking this question, “How does it work?”

Would it make a difference for your business to have that type of reach? As we can see, giveaways are an excellent way to build a list. Do not want to spend money on these advertisements to get started? Business owners need to create leverage. They need to reach out to more people in their industry who have complimentary services and products. 

Every company or business involved needs to share the email list that was made clear when entering their name in the giveaway. It will also make the business more of an authority in the industry because they can say that the company partnered with big-name business in their industry. 

To do this, most people would think that it is quite challenging to do, but the secret is, it’s not that difficult. Just ask yourself what is in it for them? After that, send them an email that focuses on the advantages for the other companies of businesses. Then all you ask in return is that they will send the email to other people on their list. You will now have a more irresistible offer and more influence by leveraging partners’ lists.

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Customer service bots

There are two sides when it comes to generating profit. Reducing the costs and making the revenue. Customer service is one cost that will increase as your business starts to grow, especially if your company is doing high-volume customer service like e-commerce. 

Chatbots are not only about saving money on operational cost, but also guiding consumers through to the sale, as well as answering objections to make more money for your business. Just imagine having a receptionist who can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not asking for time off, always matches your product or service standards, and respond to consumers and potential client concerns within seconds. 

That is what chatbots can do for your business. Companies hit a point in their E-commerce brand where they were getting around 300 to 500 chat messages from their clients on their social media accounts per day. Most companies do not have a lot of people working on this part of their business, and most companies are experiencing stress answering all the questions (sometimes answering the same questions repeatedly). 

Most of these companies do not have the money to outsource their customer service tasks to countries like India or the Philippines. Some of them hire full-time employees to handle their customer service tasks, but sometimes it is too expensive – around $10,000 to $20,000. 

Most businesses would rather spend this money on growing their businesses or spend it on marketing. Companies that find other ways to address this issue. You can apply an 80/20 principle. You will get occasional obscure questions, but most of the time, 80% of these questions are the same. 

Usually, businesses use gallery cards for this. It means that owners can have more than three options. They can also put a button that said, “ask a question.” One problem with Facebook Messenger is that it is not the greatest Customer Relationship Management system in the market today. 

It means that when owners receive a lot of messages, they will lose some of their client’s questions and they might end up having unhappy customers. If entrepreneurs are using an 80/20 customer service scheme, what can they do with the other 20%? By using the “ask a question” button, they can now get notified immediately on their personal Messenger account whenever a customer asked a question. 

Based on this question, owners can now choose how or when to respond. The good thing about this kind of approach is that they do not have customers saying that the company don’t reply to their messages. It will not be marked as “seen” until they decide to open your Messenger inbox.