Looking the best in a suit is both a science (composed mainly of carefully calibrated elbows, belts, men’s pocket squares, and so on) and a craft. If a person masters the suit wardrobe’s fundamentals, they will become familiar with the inventive specifics that will help catapult them to the next level of sophistication.

Appropriate suit enhancements will add beauty, break up the regular office wardrobe’s monotony, and take the outfit to the next level. Suit pieces are also a perfect way to up the wardrobe game on a thrifty consumer budget.


Tie bars are the smallest and most common items in suit accessories and will bring timeless elegance to the look while still serving a functional role.

Tie clips are handy items that are used to secure a tie to a dress shirt. Tie clips are of different styles specific to themes and occasion. However, one should keep certain things in mind before deciding to wear one, such as:

  • Wearing a tie clip with a vest or jumper is not considered a good look.
  • Tie clips are used to secure the tie to the shirt placket. When the outfit is already fastened or has layers, they don’t need this fastener. If people are wearing a jumper or a sweater, they have a layer over the suit jacket that will automatically keep the tie close to the dress shirt; putting a tie bar on top will be excessive.


A lapel pin lends an old dapper look to a new suit, but one should be careful not to overdo it. The lapel pin should be a discreet addition that reflects the unique style without drawing attention to or detracting from the overall outfit. Long-stem lapel pins are fastened extensions. They are available in colourful metallic designs: geometric patterns, flags, instruments, etc.

A boutonniere is a traditional lapel ornament made with a real flower. However, modern lapel imitation flowers may also be made from fabrics such as silk and wool. One should not dress up with a boutonniere to the office; instead, reserve it for formal celebratory events such as formal dances and holiday celebrations.

Badge pins are yet another type of suit accessory, and they are sometimes used to show identification with something, such as a country’s flag, a movement or initiative, etc. One must secure the pin through the buttonhole on the left lapel. If the jacket lacks a buttonhole, pin it straight through the cloth. Place it higher than the pocket or pocket square at an angle that corresponds to the lapel’s angle.


Men’s pocket squares are a flexible suit piece for men who want to add a personal touch to their jackets and blazers. Without at least a plain white pocket square, a jacket is practically bare. Certain things to pay attention to while choosing a pocket square:

  • The colour and pattern of a pocket square and the fold’s design should add appeal to the outfit. It will either match or clash with the outfit, but the overall result should be vibrant. Aim for consistency in this situation.
  • A boldly patterned suit necessitates a groomed pocket square, whereas a simple, balanced suit allows everyone to go big with the pocket square.
  • Pocket squares should always be white and made of silk for black-tie activities.

Primarily, the suit must be a perfect fit, but there is a lot more one needs to keep in mind to achieve the perfect look.