Mechanical Engineering – How To Prepare For It?

Even before the Egyptian empire, the Indian natives such as the Harappa Civilization showed the application of physics and mathematics in their architecture and transportation. They were the first civilization who introduced the application of mechanics, for improving human lives. The study and application of the theory of mechanics is known as Mechanical Engineering.

What Mechanical Engineering Deals With

It is one of the remote and broadest of the engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineering is the study of application of physics, engineering, engineering mathematics, and material science for designing, analyzing, manufacturing and maintaining of mechanical systems.

  • It is also the branch of engineering that involves designing, operation and production of machinery.
  • In 21st century mechanical engineering has advanced towards mechatronics and nanotechnology.
  • The sudden rise in demand for mechanical engineers around the whole world has led all the Engineering Colleges in India to offer curriculum courses on mechanical engineering for their students.

How to apply for mechanical engineering courses in India?

To study mechanical engineering Courses In India, a candidate has to apply through the screening process of many national and state level examinations. This is because India produces 1.3 million candidates who aspire to study mechanical engineering but there are only four thousand and three hundred Engineering Colleges in India, who are now offering this degree course.

This is the reason why” The All India Council for Technical Education “(AICTE) board has made it mandatory for every candidates to apply for engineering courses after obtaining a rank in this entrance examinations. The following Entrance Exam in India is conducted for admission in various Mechanical Engineering institutions:

  1. JEE Main
  3. WBJEE
  4. UPSEE

Eligibility Criterion

Candidates who are willing to apply for Mechanical Engineering need to fulfill this mentioned criterion for becoming eligible, are:

  1. Students who are degree holder of senior and secondary high school examination or equivalent qualification from a recognized board.
  2. It is mandatory for a student to have Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Language at their 10+2 level.
  3. A minimum aggregate score of 50 percentile is required in senior secondary or secondary high school examination.

How to prepare for this examination?

To crack the engineering Entrance Exam in India, candidates can follow this east steps.

  1. Preparing as early as possible: To avoid the stress at zero hour, toppers of previous year suggested starting the preparation early. This provides the candidate with ample amount of time to cover all topics of the syllabus to revise. This will help the candidate to achieve a relaxed mind during the day of the examination.
  2. Getting familiar with the exam patterns and syllabus: This will be beneficial in preparing a study plan. The entrance exams have the question pattern of multiple choice options. This method prepares the student for the examination pattern so that the candidate does not face any unexpected question during the time of examination.
  3. By revising regularly: Practice makes perfect is a famous quote which every eminent personalities has confessed to be the secret for their success. This is also true for every candidate who is appearing for engineering entrance exams. Previous years toppers advises every candidate to practice and revise regularly, as this creates a muscle memory within students, which compels them to score high in these entrance examinations.
  4. Evading distractions: This is a very tough advice to follow, as distractions differ with different personalities, so it does not have any permanent solution which will be applicable for every student. Every candidate has to find their own distraction and have to find the way by themselves to evade from this distraction of theirs. Taking recreational breaks is important but maintaining the focus is very essential for securing the top ranks in entrance examinations.
  5. Targeted study: When it comes to appearing for competitive exams, it becomes quite crucial to embrace targeted learning. Students should prepare effective suggestions and study the most important portions. Some of them also opt for mechanical engineering course tuitions that help them delve deep into the syllabus and cover important parts in it.

Methods for Preparation

Experts and teachers are advising all their students to work hard regularly and consistently. Here is the compilation of tips for preparing for the upcoming engineering entrance examinations.

  1. Conceptual Clarity: It is advised to all the candidates to clear all the basic concepts of all the chapters, as this examination are for evaluating a candidates’ knowledge, logic and reasoning.
  2. By taking mock tests and solving previous year questions.
  3. Improving concentration and applications skills.
  4. Studying with patience and attention.
  5. Revising regularly and by having the formulas in muscle memory.
  6. By staying fit and keeping calm.
  7. It is advised to the candidates to analyze their performance daily.
  8. By preparing smartly as all subjects are important.
  9. By having proper sleep and diet.
  10. The most important tip is to stay confident and be thorough with the lessons

Career Options

Mechanical engineers are eligible for getting jobs in these following industries.

  1. Aerospace Engineer
  2. Automotive Engineer
  3. CAD Technician
  4. Contracting Civil Engineer
  5. Control and Instrumentation Engineer
  6. Maintenance Engineer
  7. Mechanical Engineer
  8. Nuclear Engineer

Jobs which require a student of mechanical engineer are:

  1. Acoustic Consultant
  2. Corporate investment banker
  3. Mining Engineer
  4. Patent attorney
  5. Production Manager
  6. Technical sales engineer
  7. Water engineer

Future Prospects

The sudden boom of industrial revolution has led to the surge in demand for machines and automation over human labors. Automobile and Manufacturing Industries are now offering a plethora of opportunities for disciples of mechanical engineering. Indian graduates of Mechanical engineering can also opt for higher studies such as M.Tech and Ph.D or compete for the government jobs.

India is currently one of those nations in this world that opens a gateway for multinational companies to invest in this land. International manufacturing companies are now hiring a large bulk of mechanical engineers with comfortable and luxurious pay packages.