Malaga: Much more than sunny beaches

Malaga is the capital of the province (which has that same name) which is within the Andalucian coast. Its gastronomy, its privileged location, its cultural offer and much more make it one of the best options for a weekend escapade, or for a seasonal stay. In this article we want to share some of the best places to visit during your stay in the city.

It is good to mention that Malaga is one of the most tourist-friendly places in all Spain, and as such it has plenty of commodities for its visitors. It will be quite easy to get from one place to another as transportation is one less thing to worry about when visiting this city. A simple search for Malaga airport transfer as soon as you get to the city will be more than enough to get you wherever you want to get.

Malaga is full of places you CAN’T miss when visiting the city!

  • We can’t start the list without mentioning La Alcazaba. One of the remnants of the Muslim times of the region, It is locatet at the mount Gibralfaro. On its time, it was both a military building as well as a household for the noble families. Now it can be visited practically every day.
  • Pretty close to the last one is located the Gibralfaro Castle. This one was not much of a household but more of a fortification used mainly to protect the Alcazaba. It is also one of the best places to have the best views of the city. Along with the previously mentioned location, this one is highly recommended for those with high interest in the cultural matters of visiting a new city.
  • Malaga is one of the few places where you can visit an all original Roman theater. This one is right next to the Alcazaba, and it is worth to mention that there are some seasonal plays and spectacles held on it.
  • You can always end your afternoon or night by visiting Muelle Uno (Pier One), which is one of the most visited places by tourists and locals alike, it is definitely one of the best places to visit especially if you’re interested on trying the local flavors.
  • It doesn’t really matter if you’re a religious person or not, but Malaga’s Cathedral is a must-see when you visit the city. As one of Spain’s biggest buildings, and a place of historical importance, one can’t help but admire the architectonical beauty of the building.