Loot Boxes – What Are They And What You Should Know About Them?

If you keep a tab on the news, you’ll find a constant rise in the news on ‘loot boxes’. This matter took a part into national news before the release of Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront II, signalling uproar from the gamers who felt they were coerced to gamble to make the most out of the game. A turn in the tide brought a ray of hope for the gamers now that there are loot box odds to be released in 2021.

What are loot boxes?

Loot boxes are virtual items that users can buy in games with the help of real money. In these loot boxes, you will find a selection of items that personalize or alter the experience of the game. No, the user won’t get any physical thing in the offline world due to these boxes, but if you’re playing in Planet 7 casino bonus, you may get access to new things. . The items inside the loot box could be skins (which alter the appearance of the character), new tools or weapons (that boost the ability of a character) or access to newly made characters (eg. Player for a FIFA team).

Which games feature loot boxes?

Loot boxes are common things in battle royale or in first person shooter games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Star Wars Battlefront II, Overwatch and others. You can also be found in sports games like Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA, Madden and others.

What are loot boxes as against other in-box purchases?

Loot boxes are not the sole way of spending real life money in different games. Have you heard of microtransactions? Microtransactions are purchases a user can make in the in-game shop to buy a specific service or item. The main difference between the loot boxes and microtransactions is the lack of randomness.

In other in-game purchases, players can choose what they’re purchasing, knowing the usefulness and value before purchasing. In case of loot boxes, you don’t know what is there within them till they are bought.

What makes loot boxes a favorite among young people?

Loot boxes are too interesting. The possibility of winning, the randomness and the chance to upgrade and alter their experience will make loot boxes appealing to the youngsters.

What happens when loot boxes go wrong?

If you check the news, you will find reports of children who racked thousands of dollars in purchases within the games. The BBC questioned the readers to share the stories of children making in-game purchases.

What does it look like when loot boxes are right?

Loot boxes can improve your user experience of the game. When you have new weapon or skin, you can, you can make a player feel as if the avatar is unique. This makes the game even more enjoyable. They can also help a player move forward in the game by giving them good quality items.

So, if you’re wondering about what loot boxes are, you can take into account all the questions and answers given above.